Video: Silent Way Soundplane

Expert Sleepers Silent Way and Madrona Labs Soundplane on Vimeo.

Demo of using a Madrona Labs Soundplane instrument with Expert Sleepers Silent Way and a modular synthesizer.

Video: new OSC features in Silent Way v2

Silent Way v2 beta 5 OSC demo on Vimeo.

A demo of the new OSC features in Silent Way v2 beta 5.

More Silent Way demo videos - CV Input and CV To OSC

Some new videos of Silent Way CV Input and Silent Way CV To OSC, now with the final released versions (the previous videos used early prototypes).

The final one is particularly fun - driving software on an iPhone from a modular synth CV.

Silent Way v1.4.4 released - adds CV To OSC plug-in

We're happy to announce the release of Silent Way v1.4.4, which adds a new plug-in to the suite - Silent Way CV To OSC.

Silent Way CV To OSC translates CV signals (such as those produced by Silent Way CV Input, for example) into OSC messages. These can in turn be used to control all sorts of software and hardware devices. See the Expert Sleepers YouTube channel for some ideas.

Download now from the downloads page.

Forthcoming Silent Way features - CV input & OSC

A couple of videos of what's cooking in the Expert Sleepers lab for future release:

Augustus Loop v2.1.1 released

Augustus Loop is updated to v2.1.1.

This version adds the new OSC functionality as recently added to Warbler and Silent Way for TouchOSC compatibility.

Silent Way and TouchOSC

A demo of the enhanced OSC implementation in the forthcoming new version of Silent Way, here integrating with TouchOSC:

This functionality will make it into the OSC implementations of other Expert Sleepers plug-ins in due course.

OSC coming to Expert Sleepers plug-ins

In case anyone's interested (and I know at least one person is): starting with Augustus Loop v2.0, Expert Sleepers plug-ins will support OSC.

Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is optimized for modern networking technology. Bringing the benefits of modern networking technology to the world of electronic musical instruments, OSC's advantages include interoperability, accuracy, flexibility, and enhanced organization and documentation.

The plan is to roll this out to the entire plug-in range eventually. If you need OSC in your favourite plug-in sooner rather than later, let us know!

I'd like to acknowledge Ross Bencina for making available the open source library oscpack, which has made it much easier than it could've been to get OSC up and running in Augustus Loop. Thanks Ross!

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