SynthFest UK 2023 videos

disting EX firmware v1.23 released

Version 1.23 of the disting EX firmware is now released. This update adds the Spectral Freeze algorithm, as well as a few of other enhancements and fixes.

Download the new firmware from here.

Showcase event at Signal Sounds

On 24th August 2023, Signal Sounds hosted Andrew Ostler of Expert Sleepers for a showcase performance and Q&A session.

disting EX firmware v1.22 released

Version 1.22 of the disting EX firmware is now released. This update adds a number of minor features and addresses a few bugs.

Download the new firmware from here.

New album release : Marc Chesterman - Jean's Piano (an hour of piano music)

Today we've released "Jean's Piano (an hour of piano music)" by Marc Chesterman.

The Expert Sleepers label aims to showcase music made possible by Expert Sleepers hardware and software, and this album certainly fulfils that brief. Made entirely with the 'Crossfade Loop Synth' plug-in, "Jeans's Piano" takes samples of Marc's grandmother playing piano and uses them to construct ambient pieces - some using repetition, reminiscent of early minimalist compositions, others turning the piano into drones and textures.

Available for download/streaming and on limited edition cassette from our Bandcamp page.

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