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User Manual

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House Little Mikey in a Eurorack case of your choosing. The power connector is Doepfer standard. If using the power cable supplied with Little Mikey, the connector is keyed and will only insert into the module the correct way round, in which case the red edge of the cable is nearest the bottom of the PCB, and carries -12V. ("-12V" is marked on the PCB itself next to this end of the connector.) Be sure to connect the other end of the power cable correctly, again so -12V corresponds to the red stripe on the cable.

Connecting a microphone, instrument etc.

Little Mikey accepts balanced or unbalanced input connections on XLR or ¼" jack plugs.

The 'Jack/XLR' switch needs to be set appropriately. Toggle it to the left if the jack input is being used, or to the right if the XLR input is being used.

Using the Hi-Z input

When directly connecting an instrument with a high output impedance (for example, an electric guitar) it would normally be a good idea to use Little Mikey's high impedance ('Hi-Z') input option. To engage this, move the switch marked 'Hi-Z' to the left.

The Hi-Z option only applies to the jack socket (not the XLR socket), and is intended for use with unbalanced (TS) jack leads.

Using Phantom Power

Little Mikey will provide 48V phantom power to the XLR socket, for use with e.g. condenser microphones which require it. To activate phantom power, move the switch marked '48V' to the left. An indicator LED shows when phantom power is activated.

Do not activate phantom power if the connected microphone does not require it, or damage to the microphone could result.

Little Mikey's phantom power is not connected to the ¼" jack input.

You are strongly advised to turn off the phantom power before disconnecting equipment or changing the input selection.

The pad switch

The switch marked '-20dB' applies a -20dB pad to the signal when moved to the left. This applies to either input source i.e. XLR or jack.

Adjusting the gain

The knob sets the gain. Its range is approximately +17dB to +60dB. With the pad engaged, the module's overall gain is -3dB to +40dB.

The output

The module's output is available on its Eurorack-standard 3.5mm jack socket. The socket illuminates to show signal presence and strength.

The 'Peak' LED flashes when the output signal exceeds approximately ±5V (10V peak-to-peak).

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