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User Manual

The user manual for the General CV is available in pdf form. Please choose the manual corresponding to your firmware version below.

Firmware Updates

Please watch this forum thread for firmware update notifications.

VersionRelease dateCommentsFirmware downloadUser manual
1.4.5 1/3/2023 Fixed a problem where Shepard scales would be tranposed by four semitones from the expected key.
Download User manual
1.4.4 22/4/2021 Fixed a problem where VCO mode would be about a quarter tone sharp.
Download User manual
1.4.3 3/7/2019 Fixed a problem where the module would continually load a preset.
Download User manual
1.4.2 30/5/2019 Fixed a crash when attempting to use the save to/load from SD card menu items.
Download User manual
1.4.1 18/3/2019 Fixed problems with input analogue to digital conversions which could lead to a number of issues, most visibly mapped parameters being randomly reset to zero.
Fixed incorrect scaling when using inputs 1-3 for pitch in Programmable mode.
Fixed hanging notes when switching between VCO and CV/MIDI modes.
Added support for the new form of the Select Bus save state message implemented by the Make Noise René 2.
Download User manual
1.4 6/9/2018 Added 'Programmable' mode.
Added a setting to enable sending all generated MIDI out to the MIDI breakout.
Added per-preset 'Fine Tune' control.
Added per-preset external program change.
Fixed a problem where the display could become corrupted.
Download User manual
1.3.1 14/3/2018 Added the 'ADC tune' setting. Download User manual
1.3 5/3/2018 Added 'Granular' mode.
Added 'Shepard/Risset' mode.
Added the ability to control the per-channel programs in 'Clocked Playback' and 'Free Playback' modes.
Added the 'Uni (inv)' mapping mode.
Added the 'parameter chase' display mode.
Added the display of a parameter's last saved value while editing the parameter.
Added the ability to assign a CV input to control the current preset.
Made velocity a mappable parameter (rather than being hard-wired) for 'CV To MIDI', 'VCO', 'Drums', 'Chord', and 'Arpeggiator' modes.
Download User manual
1.2.1 1/2/2018 Fixed bug where presets saved with firmware v1.1 and earlier would load with no parameter mappings. Download User manual
1.2 29/1/2018 Added 'Additive' mode.
Added the ability to redefine the mapping of CV inputs to parameters.
Added control over the effect of the 'Mod Wheel' parameter.
Added a 'Mod Wheel' parameter to 'Chord' and 'Arpeggiator' modes.
Added envelope and filter scale parameters to 'CV To MIDI' and 'VCO' modes.
Added options to disable reverb, chorus and EQ and thus increase polyphony.
Added a setting for an initial preset to load at startup.
Added a 'factory reset' menu item.
In 'Free Playback' mode, retriggering a MIDI file now sends an 'all notes off'.
Download User manual
1.1 15/11/2017 Added a setting for time until display blank.
Added 'panic' menu items for all notes/sound off.
Added control over the output gain (offering up to 6dB more volume compared to v1.0).
Download User manual
1.0 7/10/2017 First release. Download User manual

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