Augustus Loop

Upgrading to v2.0.0 or higher from previous versions

If possible, use the Licence Manager to purchase the upgrade. This requires that your computer is online, and that Augustus Loop can be activated on the computer you are using to purchase the upgrade.

If your music computer is not online

Unfortunately there is currently no way to offer upgrades via the Expert Sleepers online store. If your music computer cannot be connected to the internet, you have two options:
  1. (Preferred option) Activate Augustus Loop on another computer that is connected to the internet, then use that machine to buy the upgrade (as above), then copy the new serial number back to the non-internet machine.
  2. Contact me for help - see the 'contact' link on the left. Please note though that using the automatic upgrade process will inevitably be quicker than a manual process, especially e.g. if I happen to be on holiday when you email me.

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