Modular plug-ins

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Effect plug-ins

Free synth plug-ins

Free effect plug-ins

  • Ping-pong Delay - classic ping-pong delay effect with filter and saturation
  • Phaser - classic phaser effect
  • Multitap Delay - classic multitap delay effect with filter and saturation
  • Buffer Delay - delay by exact number of audio samples
  • Latency Fixer - fixes latency problems when using external hardware
  • Merger - routing plug-in, useful with some vocoders
  • NINJAM plug-in - online jam sessions, now in your host app of choice
  • Clocker - sends MIDI clock, at a tempo you control

Plug-in bundles

Various bundles are available offering the purchase of a number of plug-ins together at a considerable saving. See this page for more information.