Adaptor Cables

DJ-1000 MIDI/3.5mm Jack

One 3.5mm mono jack plug to an inline MIDI socket. Wired for use with the ES-5 or ESX-8GT when generating MIDI from the Silent Way ES-4/5 Controller plug-ins.

DJ-1200 DINsync/3.5mm Jack

Two 3.5mm mono jack plugs to an inline DINsync socket. Wired for use with the ES-5 or ESX-8GT when generating DINsync from the Silent Way Sync plug-in.
Due to supply problems, the DJ-1200 is currently unavailable.
Equivalent cables and kits are available from ALM Busy Circuits (here), here (Muffwiggler forum) and here (eBay).

'Floating Ring' Cables

'floating ring' cable
Quarter-inch TRS jack to 3.5mm TS jack. Recommended for connecting DC-coupled audio interfaces as a CV output (e.g. for use with Silent Way). Length: 2m

Combine with a mono 3.5mm to 1/4" adaptor to give a 1/4" TRS to TS cable.

Glow-in-the-dark 3.5mm Jack Patch Cables

GC-50 GC-50

Available in green and blue.

  • Green: 150mm, 300mm, 500mm, 650mm, 800mm and 1200mm lengths.
  • Blue: 150mm, 300mm, 500mm and 650mm lengths.

Optical (TOSlink) Cables

15cm optical cables, ideal for connecting an ES-8 to an ES-3 or ES-6.


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