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User Manual

The user manual for the FH-2 is available in pdf form. Please choose the manual corresponding to your firmware version below.


Firmware Updates

Please watch this forum thread for firmware update notifications.

VersionRelease dateRelease notesDownloads
1.23 14/2/2024
  • Added options for various tuplet swing patterns.
  • Added the option to invert the velocity and release velocity outputs of MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added support for sending and receiving presets via SysEx.
  • First release of the preset editor tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the module's transport could drift out of sync with MIDI or external clock when using swing.
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1.22.1 16/1/2024
  • Fixed an issue where the Shift Register Random CV generator settings would not be restored when loading a preset.
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1.22 12/12/2023
  • Added the Shift Register Random CV generators.
  • Added CC mappings to directly control the sequencer positions.
  • Added SysEx access to the sequencers, allowing their use from e.g. TouchOSC.
  • Fixed an issue where using the sequencer 'Activate' page would always leave you on sequencer 3 or 4 when exiting the page.
Download User manual
1.21 24/11/2023
  • Swing is now supported when the FH-2 is synced to an external clock, or to MIDI.
  • Added 'beat matching' CCs to nudge the FH-2's internal tempo into time by ear.
  • Added support for the MPE 'Upper Zone' (i.e. using MIDI channels 16 and down, instead of 1 and up).
  • Added settings to globally disable clock functions on X & Y (allowing a VCO to be permanently patched for tuning or calibration).
  • If an arpeggiator is clocked from a Euclidean pattern, it now uses the Euclidean rate as the basis for its gate length.
  • Fixed sustain for MPE MIDI/CV converters.
  • Fixed aftertouch behaviour when using the arpeggiator with an MPE MIDI/CV converter.
  • Fixed an issue where the FH-2 would run at double speed when synced to a Midronome via USB.
  • Fixed an issue where very short gates, or very short gaps between gates, could be missed when using an FHX-8GT.
  • Transmission of MIDI clocks over USB is now suspended during SysEx transfers.
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1.20 17/7/2023
  • Added the ability to send the output of the arpeggiators as MIDI.
  • Added new options to the Startup Configuration/Preset settings to load the last-used configuration/preset.
  • Added a setting to support devices which send 14 bit CCs MSB-first (notably the Squarp Hapax).
  • 14 bit CCs are now sent where appropriate when loading a Preset.
  • The configuration tool now has a (slightly experimental) 'dark' theme.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reset value of Euclidean patterns could not be changed via the menus.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a drum sequencer lane rate to 0 would cause a crash.
Download User manual
1.19 21/2/2023
  • Arpeggiators can now be clocked from the Euclidean patterns.
  • Added the option of a full screen transport or elapsed time counter.
  • Certain Sequencer functions can now be mapped for MIDI CC control (in addition to being controlled from the LaunchPad).
  • Added settings to ignore MIDI clock on the various ports.
  • Added a new "Velocity" Trigger type.
  • Added new Voice Allocation modes ("Alternating" and "Random").
  • The "Interrupt Gate" feature now applies to the paraphonic gate output.
  • In firmware 1.17 the behaviour was changed when loading a preset which set Direct Levels for outputs controlled by other functions (for example, MIDI/CV converters). This change has now been made optional, on a Setting ("Always load direct").
  • Fixed an issue where supplying clock pulses to the X input while the internal clock was running and generating MIDI clock would generate extra MIDI clocks.
  • The configuration tool now remembers the selected MIDI ports.
  • It is now possible to save and load configurations directly from the configuration tool.
Download User manual
1.18.1 7/11/2022
  • Loading configurations and presets (including the automatic loads at startup) makes the loaded one the current one when entering the menus to load/save.
  • Fixed a bug where outputs with smoothing enabled would not work after a preset was loaded.
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1.18 5/9/2022
  • Added 'direction' and 'permutation' options for the note sequencers.
  • The MIDI note numbers used by the drum sequencer can now set freely.
  • Added a new 'Exclude CV/MIDI' option for the 'Auto display switch' setting.
Download User manual
1.17.1 23/8/2022
  • Fixed an issue where the sequencer skip and reset functionality ignored the sequence start and end points.
Download User manual
1.17 24/6/2022
  • Added support for MIDI controllers which send relative (up/down) CC messages.
  • Added an option to send all mapped CC values out to the attached controllers when loading a preset.
  • Added MIDI learn when mapping CCs via the module's menu.
  • Added swing settings to the internal clock.
  • Added a global reset count to the drum sequencer.
  • The sequencer load pages (on an attached Launchpad) can now be latched active until dismissed.
  • Envelope type Triggers now use the MIDI velocity (the envelope velocity depth from the preset applies).
  • When loading a preset, the stored Direct levels are not applied to outputs which are used for another purpose e.g. by a MIDI/CV converter.
  • Fixed the paraphonic gate output for MPE type MIDI/CV converters.
  • Fixed an issue where the tempo stored in a preset would not be applied when the preset was loaded.
Download User manual
1.16 23/3/2022
  • Added a setting to enable/disable MIDI Machine Control (MMC).
  • When using the original Launchpad Pro (not the mk3) it is now possible to switch out of Programmer mode (used by the FH-2's Sequencers) into the built-in Note etc. modes and back again.
  • Fixed an incompatibility between the FH-2's Sequencers and Launchpad Mini mk3 firmware v1.0.4.
  • Fixed a problem where the sent MIDI clock would be out of time if the internal clock was remotely started (via MIDI note or CC).
  • Fixed an issue where Euclidean patterns would not correctly activate if used in the startup preset.
  • Fixed an issue where 'Env zero' would not work properly when playing legato and when the new note occurred during the previous note's attack phase.
Download User manual
1.15.3 8/12/2021
  • Fixed a problem where the module would freeze when attempting to control start/stop via MIDI notes.
Download User manual
1.15.2 1/12/2021
  • Fixed a problem where the FH-2's sequencers, clocks and tempo-locked LFOs would be one 24ppqn clock early when synced to external clock on the X input.
  • The FH-2's USB descriptor now contains the firmware version in the version number field and the microcontroller ID in the serial number field.
Download User manual
1.15.1 1/11/2021
  • Added the original Launchpad Pro to the list of supported devices for driving the sequencers.
  • Fixed a possible crash when using the drum sequencer with a preset saved from a previous firmware revision.
Download User manual
1.15 26/10/2021
  • Added the Sequencers.
  • Added support for driving the Euclidean patterns via a Launchpad.
  • Added extensive accessibility support (aimed at using a screen reader with the associated HTML tool) via MIDI SysEx.
  • Added five new arpeggiator modes.
  • Added an option for Triggers to be triggered by any note on a MIDI channel.
  • Added 'Clock' and 'Eucliean' options for LFO Resets.
  • Added 'Random' per voice outputs for MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added an 'Echo MIDI' setting for the Launch Control XL, so its LEDs can be updated when driving the FH-2.
  • Fixed an issue with when transport start clocks were updated, noticeable with certain sequencers which send a MIDI start a considerable time before the first MIDI clock.
  • Fixed the internal routing of Program Change and Aftertouch messages from the CV/MIDI section.
Download User manual
1.14 4/6/2021
  • Added three new Trigger types: Toggle, On/off, and Envelope.
  • Added the option of a separate pitch bend output to MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added basic MMC (MIDI Machine Control) support.
  • The Tuner can now be used via input Y instead of input X.
  • Fixed an issue when using Unison with an MPE MIDI/CV converter.
  • Fixed an issue where using an FH-1 as an output expander could cause a USB buffer overflow on the FH-2.
  • Fixed a crash when accessing 'View Calibration'.
Download User manual
1.13 19/3/2021
  • Added support for polyphonic aftertouch.
  • Added support for MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) to the MIDI/CV converters (compatible with MTS-ESP).
  • Added a setting to enable configuration change via MIDI Program Change.
  • Added 'Local Off' settings.
  • Added longer envelope time range options.
  • Applied encoder acceleration more widely.
  • Fixed a problem where the 'Edit configuration/Mappings' menu would wrap at 128 instead of 384.
  • Fixed a problem where DIN MIDI input could stop working when changing settings or performing certain other operations.
Download User manual
1.12 12/1/2021
  • Increased the number of Mappings per configuration to 384.
  • Increased the number of Triggers per configuration to 64.
  • Added new Clock trigger types which only fire on MIDI Clock Start messages, not Continues.
  • MIDI/CV converters now update their velocity outputs before the gate/trigger outputs.
  • The X input is now disabled as a clock input as soon as the Auto-calibrate menu page is entered.
  • Fixed a problem where the Random arpeggio type would not be very random.
  • Fixed a problem where MIDI SysEx messages would not be forwarded correctly from the DIN port to the USB ports.
Download User manual
1.11.1 27/10/2020
  • Fixed Scala usage, which was broken by the 1.11 update.
Download User manual
1.11 1/10/2020
  • Added the 'Unison 2' voice allocation mode.
  • MPE MIDI/CV converters now support the arpeggiator, and the unison voice allocation modes.
Download User manual
1.10 14/8/2020
  • Added the 'Reset' function to the Eucliden pattern generators.
  • Added support for MIDI Sostenuto (CC 66) messages.
  • Added a 'History Inclusion' option for aftertouch messages.
  • Added the 'Wake on MIDI', 'Auto display switch' and 'Button exits display' settings.
  • Fixed an issue where re-enabling smoothing on an output could cause its level to jump unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the arpeggiator mode from Random to another mode could cause unexpected outputs and display.
  • Fixed an issue where Euclidean patterns would start from step 2 when starting the internal clock.
  • Further improved accessibility of the configuration tool for visually impaired users.
Download User manual
1.9.1 25/5/2020
  • Fixed a dropped notes issue when MIDI/CV converters shared a MIDI channel and one converter was using sustain or a latched arpeggiator.
  • Fixed an issue where all trigger pulses would be shorter than expected.
  • Fixed arpeggiator commands for MIDI/CV converters 9-16, which were not working.
  • If the module is receiving MIDI clocks, but no clock is actually running, then the displayed tempo is now that of the incoming MIDI clocks (previously it was showing the internal clock tempo).
Download User manual
1.9 27/4/2020
  • Added the ability to start & stop the internal clock by a gate or trigger on the Y input.
  • Added a 0-8V voltage range option.
  • It is now possible to have different pitch bend depths for bending up & down.
  • Added a setting to allow a custom USB device name.
  • Added a setting to output only MIDI clocks, without MIDI start/stop messages.
  • The module's clock can now be started & stopped locally when synced to MIDI clock.
  • Added the ability to switch the module's display mode via MIDI CCs.
  • Fixed display of clock divider value 64 (was showing '1/1' instead of '1/1T').
  • Added a setting to prevent menus wrapping (primarily for accessibility).
  • Improved configuration tool accessibility for visually impaired users.
Download User manual
1.8.2 2/3/2020
  • Fixed a problem with sending aftertouch or program change messages from the CV/MIDI converters to the DIN MIDI output.
Download User manual
1.8.1 24/1/2020
  • Fixed sending MIDI clock over USB to certain devices, notably the Teenage Engineering OP-Z & OP-1 and the Novation Circuit.
Download User manual
1.8 13/1/2020
  • Added the 'Interrupt Gate' option to MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added the ability to control the internal clock tempo via a MIDI CC.
  • Added the option to reset envelopes to zero at note on.
  • Added visualisation of envelope shapes.
  • Added Program Change and Aftertouch options to the CV/MIDI converters.
  • Added support for MIDI All Notes Off messages.
  • The FH-2's UI for Mappings now provides descriptive strings for all MIDI/CV & Euclidean mapping targets.
  • The left button can now be set to perform an All Notes Off function.
  • Added a setting for the pitch reference used by the tuner (i.e. alternatives to A=440).
  • Added a workaround for connection isues with the Expressive E Touché SE.
  • Fixed an issue where DIN MIDI might stop working after using the tuner.
Download User manual
1.7.2 28/8/2019
  • Improved the accuracy of the FH-2's internal timebase, meaning:
    • The tempo is more accurate when using the FH-2's internal clock.
    • The reported tempo is more accurate when the FH-2 is synced to an external or MIDI clock.
    • The FH-2's tuner is more accurate.
  • Added the option of forwarding MIDI from the DIN input to the DIN output (i.e. 'soft thru').
  • Fixed the LFO display mode so the fade and musical time values don't clash.
  • Increased the maximum pitch bend depth to 64.
  • Fixed a problem where only the first MIDI/CV converter would convert the MPE Y CC.
Download User manual
1.7.1 15/8/2019
  • Improved compatibility with some USB devices, notably the KMI 12 Step and certain USB/DIN MIDI cables.
Download User manual
1.7 24/6/2019
  • Increased the output update rate, improving smoothness of LFOs and envelopes.
  • Added the option to define a note or CC to start/stop the internal clock over MIDI.
  • Added 'soft takeover' of MIDI CCs from a loaded preset.
  • Added the 'Note range' voice allocation option.
  • Added the 'Note' CV/MIDI type.
  • Arpeggiators now use note velocity.
  • MIDI forwarding can now be set to forward clocks only.
  • Added visual feedback when the module receives a configuration dump over MIDI.
  • Added the option to flip the display, for when the module is mounted upside down.
  • Fixed a problem where the display contrast from the settings would not be applied at power up.
  • Fixed a possible glitch when turning off an LFO superimposed on an envelope.
  • Fixed menu editing of mappings to control Euclidean and MIDI/CV targets.
Download User manual
1.6 23/5/2019
  • A MIDI CC can now control multiple parameters simultaneously on the FH-2.
  • Added the ability to reset/retrigger LFOs by CCs, notes, or MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added LFO fades.
  • Added LFO visualisation.
  • Added the 'mono retrigger' option to the MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added a settings option for the encoder to change the tempo in whole bpm increments.
  • Added the ability to define which calibrations should be loaded at start up.
  • Added a menu item to view the calibration graph for an output.
  • Added CV/MIDI conversion (from X/Y inputs).
  • Fixed a problem where editing a mapping from the FH-2's menus to control LFO speed or multiplier would not work.
Download User manual
1.5.6 24/4/2019
  • Fixed a problem with sending System Exclusive messages which made the web configuration tool unreliable.
Download User manual
1.5.5 20/3/2019
  • Fixed compatibility problems with some complex USB devices, notably the Sensel morph.
  • Fixed a problem where a change to the 'Display blank' setting would not be correctly applied after a power cycle.
Download User manual Config tool
1.5.4 5/3/2019
  • Fixed a problem when following MIDI clock where clocks/arpeggiators/etc. would be one MIDI clock out.
  • Added support for responding to MIDI Song Position Pointer.
Download User manual Config tool
1.5.3 22/2/2019
  • Fixed a problem where some USB HID devices would not be recognised by the FH-2.
Download User manual Config tool
1.5.2 20/2/2019
  • Fixed a problem where some USB MIDI devices would not be recognised by the FH-2.
Download User manual Config tool
1.5.1 17/1/2019
  • Fixed a problem where envelopes on expander outputs could conflict with other usages on other outputs.
Download User manual Config tool
1.5 16/1/2019
  • Added the '0-5V' output range option.
  • Implemented 0-1V & 0-5V output ranges on the FHX-8CV expanders, and added controls for expander output ranges in the configuration tool.
  • Added 'Test FHX-8CV' menu item.
  • Multiple MIDI/CV converters can now share the same MIDI channel and note range.
  • Added the ability to change presets via MIDI Program Change messages.
  • Added control of envelope depth from note velocity.
  • Added settings for which MIDI messages are shown in the history display.
  • When 'Prevent stealing' is enabled, notes that are held but not sounding are now used when a currently-sounding note is released.
  • Fixed the handling of keyboard splits for MPE MIDI/CV converters.
  • Fixed a problem with changing arpeggiator and Euclidean pattern rates from the FH-2's menu when the 'Constrain Rates' setting was enabled.
  • The prototype command shell has been disabled in this release.
Download User manual Config tool
1.4 7/11/2018
  • Note: in this release the flash memory has been rearranged, meaning:
    - The number of preset slots to is reduced to 30 (from 100). On installing this firmware update, the first 70 presets will be lost. If you need to keep any presets, copy them to slots 71-100 before installing the update.
    - Any calibrations stored in flash will be lost when installing this update.
  • Added support for USB HID (human interface device) gamepads and keyboards.
  • Added support for microtonal scales using Scala.
  • Added a per-MIDI/CV converter transpose.
  • Added accents to the Euclidean pattern generators.
  • Added a prototype command shell.
  • Fixed a problem where DIN MIDI reception would fail if the FH-2 was being sent MIDI during boot.
  • Fixed a problem with receiving DIN MIDI from certain devices (notably those by Elektron) which could result in stuck notes or notes being ignored.
Download User manual Config tool
1.3.1 24/9/2018
  • Fixed a problem where envelope mappings for MIDI/CV converters 9-16 would not apply.
Download User manual Config tool
1.3 17/9/2018
  • Added support for the FHX-8GT Gate Expander.
  • Added the ability to route MIDI between the FH-2's various MIDI ports.
  • Arpeggiators now trigger the MIDI/CV converters' envelopes.
  • Fixed a problem preventing use of the expected maximum of four USB MIDI devices attached to a hub.
  • Fixed display corruption when adjusting the contrast setting.
Download User manual Config tool
1.2 10/8/2018
  • Added envelope generators to the MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added new arpeggiator features: ability to add/remove notes in 'As Played' mode; ability to add rests in 'As Played' mode; new 'truncate' CC; ability to transpose both chromatically and in key; new 'auto-reset' parameter.
  • Added 0-1V output range option (primarily for video synthesis module compatibility).
  • Added 'Off Outputs' to the Euclidean pattern generators.
  • Added 'Constrain rates' setting.
  • Fixed upload of LFO Tempo-based Multiplier settings to the config tool.
  • Fixed setting of negative global transpose amounts from the config tool.
Download User manual Config tool
1.1 2/7/2018
  • Added ability to control tap tempo from MIDI note or CC.
  • Added the option to use an FH-1 as an expander.
  • Arpeggiators now work with polyphonic MIDI/CV converters.
  • USB (dis)connection now wakes the display from sleep.
  • Fixed display of MIDI messages received on the DIN port in the MIDI history.
Download User manual Config tool
1.0 11/6/2018 First release. Download User manual Config tool
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