At the time of writing this will work only in Google's Chrome browser or in the Opera browser. Chrome may block SysEx access if you run this from a website, in which case download the html file locally and run it from there.
This tool should be considered a beta release. Please report bugs and provide feedback via the forum.
This version is for FH-2 firmware v1.23 and above.

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Tempo Swing
TypeAmountPosition 1Position 2Position 3
Portamento Transpose Envelopes Random Scala
AttackDecaySustainReleaseRangeDepthVelocity Depth Enable.scl.kbm
ModeRangeGate LengthLatchRateReset
Euclidean Patterns
PulsesStepsRotationRateGate LengthAccent RateReset
Shift Register Random
DirectionLengthRandomnessRateAttenuatorScaleKey Gate Length
Note sequencers
Drum sequencers