Audio demos

The sounds below are examples of what Warbler can do. All are 128kbit mp3 format.

Unprocessed samples
dry_synth.mp3 The synth sound used in the demos below, unprocessed.
dry_loop.mp3 The drum loop sound used in the demos below, unprocessed.
Processed samples
basicvib.mp3 The basic vibrato sound. The depth and then the speed is varied. Finally the dry signal is mixed in for an 'ensemble' sound.
shape.mp3 Demonstrates the various LFO waveform shapes.
spread.mp3 Demonstrates the 'spread' control.
coarse.mp3 The speed and depth 'coarse' controls are used to produce some more extreme modulation.
lfos.mp3 Shows the effect of the Speed and Depth LFOs on the basic sound.
chorus.mp3 Here the 'bias' parameter is used to produce a traditional chorus effect. In the second half of the sample, the bias is reduced to produce a hybrid chorus/vibrato effect.
flange.mp3 Adding feedback to the chorus, with a short delay time, gives a flange effect.
delay.mp3 Demonstrates how Warbler can also act as a delay effect.
delaymod.mp3 Here the delay effect is modulated by the Speed and Depth LFOs. There is no tweaking of the parameters during this sample - all the variation you hear is coming from the LFOs.
extreme1.mp3 Some more esoteric effects from extreme parameter settings.
extreme2.mp3 Another example of some more esoteric settings.

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