ESX-8GT Gate Expander

If in doubt, ask.

User Manual


Please refer to the image below (click to enlarge):

ESX-8GT mk2 manual photo


House the ESX-8GT in a Eurorack case of your choosing. Since the module is powered by the module it is expanding, there is no power cable to connect.

The ESX-8GT needs to be connected to an ES-4, ES-40, ES-5 or FHX-8GT module in order to function. A 10-way ribbon cable is supplied with the ESX-8GT for this purpose. Please note the aligment of the cable in the image above. With the cable emerging at the back of the board, the red stripe is nearer the bottom (where 'bottom' is the end that would naturally be below the other if the module were mounted in a case).

Note: while the 10-way connector on the ESX-8GT may look like the power connector on some Doepfer modules, it is not wired the same. If you connect this to a Doepfer power bus, you will almost certainly fuse the power supply and fry the ESX-8GT. This connector is only to be used for connecting the ESX-8GT to an ES-4, ES-40, ES-5 or FHX-8GT.

DIN sync and MIDI connections

If you would like to send DIN sync or MIDI via the ESX-8GT, some suggested cable adaptors are shown (with wiring details) here.

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