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The ES-8 is a USB 2.0 class-compliant audio interface in a Eurorack module, with DC-coupled inputs and outputs that can be used for both CVs and audio. As such it is directly compatible with all popular computer-based CV generation software (e.g. Silent Way, Max/MSP, Reaktor, CV Toolkit, zMors, Audulus, Bitwig Studio, etc.) as well as audio and CV processing iOS apps.

The ES-8 also has ADAT inputs & outputs. This could be used for example to expand the I/O count via an Expert Sleepers ES-3 and/or ES-6, or to connect a traditional audio interface to add, say, mic preamps or 1/4" line outputs (for example with the Behringer ADA8200).

Without a USB connection, the ES-8 can be used as a standalone ADAT-to-audio converter, providing DC-coupled I/O expansion for another ADAT-equipped audio interface.

An expansion header allows connection of an Expert Sleepers ES-5, to which in turn you can connect Expert Sleepers gate, CV and MIDI expanders.

The ES-8 has a high quality internal clock, and it can optionally sync to the clock from the input ADAT signal.

Note: If you want the DC-coupled outputs of the ES-8 but already have an audio interface,
please consider the ES-3 as an alternative.


The ES-8 was positively reviewed by c't magazine (October 2018). Read the full review here.
"Sie vereinfacht die Zusammenarbeit von modularen Synthesizern und Rechnern ungemein" ("it simplifies the collaboration of modular synthesizers and computers immensely" via Google Translate)
Loopop Music made this excellent video about using an ES-8 to create a "hybrid modular".
"The one must-have module"
biminiroad wrote an article here entitled "Introduction to Audulus and the Expert Sleepers ES-8 DC Coupled Audio/CV Interface". (Audulus is a modular synthesizer programming environment for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux.)
"Expert Sleepers ES-8 and Audulus: The Perfect Pair"
The ES-8 received 4 stars from Future Music magazine (February 2017 issue). Read the full review here.
"For serious modular users (running OSX) the ES-8 would make a great purchase, and with decent expansion potential."
The ES-8 was positively reviewed by Sound On Sound magazine (February 2017 issue). Read the full review here.
"it will open up all sorts of possibilities that would have seemed unlikely in the old days of MIDI/CV converters"
The ES-8 received 9/10 from MusicTech magazine in their January 2017 issue.
The ES-8 received a glowing review from Cycling '74, makers of Max/MSP. Read it here.
"my perfect interface module"
Video review by Mały Modularz.

A Polish version is here.

Bundled Software

The ES-8 comes with a free licence for Bitwig Studio 8-Track.

Bitwig Studio 8-Track is a great way to start composing, producing, and performing like a pro. 8-Track shares the workflow, stability, and infrastructure with Bitwig Studio, our flagship product, and also includes a selection of Bitwig Studioís devices and features. Connect your controller, record your instrument, produce an arrangement, design new sounds, or just jam.


The ES-8's specifications are as follows:

  • Panel width: 8HP
  • Module depth: 50mm
  • Current draw: 198mA on the +12V rail, 52mA on the -12V rail (at 96kHz)
  • USB socket: Type B
  • Driver suport: class-compliant USB 2.0 (no driver required for macOS and iOS - Windows drivers provided for Windows 7, 8 & 10)
  • Channel count: 12 in, 16 out
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
  • Audio sample depth: 24 bit
  • Output connections: 8x 3.5mm TS jacks, DC-coupled
  • Maximum output voltage: approximately ±10V DC
  • Analogue inputs: 4x 3.5mm TS jacks, DC-coupled
  • Input voltage range: approximately ±10V
  • Digital I/O: 1x ADAT input, 1x ADAT output
  • Expansion headers: 1 for ES-5, 1 for ES-6

The front panel is drilled for both Doepfer and Analogue Systems mounting holes (using a 'slot' rather than a single round hole). The power connector is a Doepfer standard 16 way IDC, with -12V furthest from the top of the board.

For more detail, please see the user manual.

Pricing & Availablity

The ES-8 is available now.

For purchasing links, please see where to buy.

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