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The CVM-8 is an eight channel CV to MIDI and CV to I2C converter in a 4HP Eurorack module.

Its two independent MIDI ports can be used with any MIDI device via 5 pin DIN or TRS 3.5mm jack breakouts, or connected directly to other Expert Sleepers modules via their MIDI breakout headers.

Compatible Expert Sleepers modules include the disting mk4, FH-2 and ES-9 (MIDI only) and the disting EX (MIDI and I2C). Compatible breakouts include the MIDI Breakout and the Tiny MIDI Breakout.

The CVM-8 also sends on the Select Bus, so no wiring is required to drive, for example, the disting EX.

A number of standard configurations can be selected using DIP switches on the PCB. Full configuration and firmware update is possible via a browser-based tool.

As an added bonus, the module provides I2C-to-MIDI functionality.


The CVM-8's specifications are as follows:
  • Panel width: 4HP
  • Module depth: 46mm
  • Current draw: 66mA on the +12V rail, 25mA on the -12V rail
  • Input voltage range: ±10.24V
  • ADC conversion: 16 bit
  • Two complete MIDI ports (in/out/through) for 5-pin DIN or TRS MIDI (via a compatible breakouts) or for direct connection to other Expert Sleepers modules
  • One header for an I2C bus connection to compatible devices
  • Connection to the Select Bus (as leader)
For more detail, please see the user manual.

Pricing & Availablity

The CVM-8 is available now.

MSRP: UK £189 (inc VAT), US $185 (exclusive of sales tax), EU €225 (exclusive of VAT)

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