Expert Sleepers is currenty a one man operation - that man being me, Andrew Ostler (aka Os). I'm based in Edinburgh, UK.

As well as making music tech, I also make music.

Expert Sleepers Ltd is VAT registered in the UK, registration number GB 996 2049 80. Company number 8684606.

Expert SleepersĀ® is a registered trade mark in the UK, the European Union, and the United States. UKTM Registration No. 3664016.

Company history

Expert Sleepers started making VST plug-ins in 2002, the first product being Crossfade Loop Synth (which is still available today, in a much udpated form).

We started our modular journey in 2009 with the release of Silent Way.

Our first hardware product, the ES-1, was released in 2010.

Expert Sleepers became Expert Sleepers Ltd in 2013.

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