Augustus Loop

Logic notes

Logic continues to be something of a law unto itself, and there are a couple issues to be aware of when using Augustus Loop with it.

MIDI clock

Logic defaults to automatically responding to all incoming MIDI clock. Augustus Loop defaults to sending out MIDI clock when you use the Tap Record feature (see the manual). Often the two will not play nice together.

Possible solutions include

  • Disable the clock-out feature in Augustus (preference setting in v.1.2.0 and above).
  • Turn off MIDI clock messages in Augustus, by changing the three drop-down menus in the lower left of the GUI to 'none'.
  • Stop Logic from automatically using MIDI clock. Hold the mouse on the MIDI Click icon in the transport window to bring up the menu, then un-tick 'Auto Sync In'.
  • Tell Logic to only respond to MIDI clock from certain channels. Open the Environment window, select 'All Objects', select the 'MIDI Click' object and change Port from 'All' to something more sensible.

MIDI Parameter Control

To use the MIDI remote control of Augustus Loop (detailed here) in Logic you have to use Augustus as a virtual instrument, not as an effect. Load up Augustus where you would normally load a synth plug-in. You'll notice that in the GUI window there is menu to select a 'Side Chain' input, which is how you get audio into Augustus.

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