Silent Way

Device Compatibility

Note: the talk below of 'compatible audio interfaces' specifically refers to using the interfaces' own analogue audio outputs to directly drive synths.
It does not reflect on the interfaces' possible compatibility with the Expert Sleepers digital modules (ES-3, ES-4 etc.).

DC-Coupled Audio Interfaces

The following interfaces have been tested with Silent Way. If you have any experience of Silent Way with other interfaces, please let us know and we'll update the chart.

Please note: most MOTU interfaces with TRS outputs are expected to work fine. The ones listed below are only the ones that have been specifically tested with Silent Way.

Note also: Silent Way CV Input has no special requirements and should work with any audio interface. The key with Silent Way CV Input is to have the right VCA - see below.

Interfaces tested and working
InterfaceTested byNotes
Alesis iO|14ihav2p
Alesis iO|26Brandon Daniel
Antex StudioCard SC-22 levlhed See this thread.
Apogee Symphony I/OKevin Vanwulpen
Digidesign 96 I/O Mick Glossop
Echo AudioFire2phase ghost
ESI ESP1010Arnoid
Eventide H8000FWAnalog>Plugins See this thread.
Expert Sleepers ES-8Expert Sleepers Also has DC coupled inputs.
Expert Sleepers ES-9Expert Sleepers Also has DC coupled inputs.
Lexicon MPX 500sine Not an audio interface per se but it does allow you to get two DC-coupled outputs from any spare digital connectivity your interface might have - see this thread.
Lynx Aurora 8Jonathan Snipes
Lynx Aurora 16Martin Kucaj
Metric Halo ULN-8 Documented by the manufacturer as DC-coupled here.
MOTU UltralitePete Marshall See this thread.
MOTU Ultralite Mk3Expert Sleepers
MOTU Ultralite Mk3 HybridGeorge P. Macklin
MOTU Ultralite Mk4Fatt Grabbers
MOTU 828justin3am
MOTU 828 MkIIScot Solida
MOTU 828 MkIIIuntinyunity
MOTU 828xmwvm
MOTU 2408 MkIICary Grace
MOTU 2408 Mk3Captain Proton
MOTU 24I/Odoctorvague
MOTU 1224sine The headphone and main XLR outs appear to be wired with the opposite polarity than expected. This is easily resolved - see this thread.
MOTU TravellerJim Coker
PreSonus QuantumPreSonus
PreSonus Quantum 2PreSonus
PreSonus Quantum 2626PreSonus
PreSonus Studio 1824 & 1824cPreSonus
PreSonus Studio 1810 & 1810cPreSonus
PreSonus Studio 68 & 68cPreSonus
PreSonus Studio 26cPreSonus
RME Fireface 400UCAudio Only the headphone outputs are DC-coupled.
Universal Audio Apollo TwinUA
Universal Audio Apollo 16UA

AC-Coupled Audio Interfaces

Please see this page for information on using Silent Way with AC-coupled audio interfaces.

A Note On Cables

In general special cables are recommended when using a DC-coupled audio interface as a source of CVs. Most audio interfaces have balanced outputs (on TRS ('stereo') jacks or XLRs), while synth CV inputs are unbalanced (usually on TS ('mono') jacks or minijacks). If you use a regular stereo or mono jack lead, you'll be shorting out one of the balanced output signals (usually the R (ring) to the S (shield)). While this probably wouldn't be a problem for normal audio use, when outputting the sustained voltages that are useful as CVs you risk damaging the interface hardware.

The usual recommendation is to make up special cables with a TRS jack at one end and a TS at the other, connecting T->T (tip to tip) and S->S (shield to shield) while leaving the R (ring) floating i.e. unconnected. Such cables can be purchased direct from Expert Sleepers - see the accessories page.

An alternative is to wire a TRS jack to two TS jacks, connecting one T->T/S->S and the other R->T/S->S. This then gives you two copies of the output CV, one of them inverted, which is particularly useful from LFOs. Note that this cable configuration is identical to that of a regular "Y" audio insert lead.


The following synths and modules have been tested with Silent Way Voice Controller. If you have any experience of Silent Way with other devices, please let us know and we'll update the chart.

Note: This chart was quite actively updated when Silent Way was first released, back in 2009. Since then, the assumption has gradually become that most synths/modules will work fine. In addition to the below, you might like to search for your synth of interest on the Muffwiggler forum.
ManufacturerModule/SynthCommentsTested by
AlesisA6 Andromeda See this thread. Infrablue
Analogue SystemsRS-95 VCO The useful range of pitches is biased towards the top end of the voltage range. Setting the VCO's frequency control to +1 octave allows it to cover a better range of notes for most purposes. Also, using the "CV-in vary" input with the level set to, say, 0.5V/octave lets you cover a wider range of pitches from the limited output range of an audio interface. Expert Sleepers
Analogue SystemsRS-110 Multimode Filter This filter module is capable of self-oscillation when the resonance is turned up, and works perfectly well as an oscillator in this mode. Expert Sleepers
Analogue SystemsRS-380 Modulation Controller This module has an LFO with a CV frequency control. It has a Hz/volt response, and can be used as a VCO with a tracking range of about 3 octaves. Set the 'Range' switch to 'High' and the frequency control to about 12 o'clock. Expert Sleepers
ARP Instruments, Inc.Odyssey MkII Scot Solida
ARP Instruments, Inc.Odyssey Mk3 video WMP
ARP Instruments, Inc.Axxe See this thread CalvaryBand
bubblesounduLFO "6 octaves in 'high mode'" - see this thread. jules
Buchla261e see this video. brandonrsmith23
CwejmanVCO-2RM See this thread. Navs
CwejmanMMF-1 See this thread. Navs
CynthiaZeroscillator See this thread. Navs
DoepferA-110 VCO justin3am
DoepferA-111 High-End VCO deastman
DoepferA-111-5 Synthesizer Voice Module version of the Dark Energy synth. phono
DoepferA-105 filter See this thread. Navs
Electronic Music StudiosEMS VCS3 See this thread for details of how this was achieved. Scot Solida
Future RetroXS "Silent Way is a lot more accurate than the built in [MIDI/CV converter]" - see this post. WMP
HarvestmanHertz Donut Steve @ Monorocket
HarvestmanPiston Honda Steve @ Monorocket
HarvestmanPolivoks VCF tracked self oscillation Steve @ Monorocket
HarvestmanMalgorithm See this video. Expert Sleepers
KorgMS-10 See this thread. untinyunity
KorgMS-20 Requires a voltage offset to work well. See this thread. doctorvague
KorgMS-50 See this thread. sempervirent
KorgX-911 See this thread schmuck
Livewire ElectronicsAFG (Audio Frequency Generator) justin3am
Livewire ElectronicsDalek Modulator Steve @ Monorocket
Livewire ElectronicsVulcan Modulator Steve @ Monorocket
Livewire ElectronicsDual Bissell Steve @ Monorocket
Livewire ElectronicsFrequensteiner tracked self oscillation Steve @ Monorocket
Make NoiseDPO See this thread. mkndr
MalekkoOscillator Steve @ Monorocket
MalekkoAnti Oscillator Steve @ Monorocket
MalekkoBorg Filter 1 tracked self oscillation Steve @ Monorocket
MetasonixR-54 Supermodule See this video from this thread. Also see this (older) video. noisythang
MetasonixKV-100 Assblaster See this thread. corex
MFBKraftzwerg See this thread. bsmith23
Modcan01B See this thread. Gordon Cole
MoogMinimoog Model-D "Using the QMVS-48 adapter cable for the S-Triggers." Scot Solida
MoogMinimoog Model-D "with Studio Electronics CV Retrofit" CalvaryBand
MoogRealistic Concertmate MG-1 Guido Zen
MoogProdigy See this thread. schmuck
MoogSource See this thread. string56
MoogMF-101 Low Pass Filter See this video. noisythang
MoogMF-102 Ring Modulator See this video. noisythang
MoogMF-107 FreqBox See this video and this video. noisythang
Moog921 VCO Zahir Manek
Mutable InstrumentsBraids See this thread. mkndr
Oakley Sound SystemsVCLFO See this thread. SepticUnderground
Oakley Sound SystemsSVCO Suit & Tie Guy
OberheimSEM (with patch panel) Ben Pebley
OctaveThe Cat See this thread. Kit Kat
Plan BModel 15 Complex VCO deastman
PulpLogicmonotron-E FSK1138
RolandJupiter 4 See this thread CalvaryBand
RolandSH-101 "Perfect tuning over a three octave range."
See also Brandon Daniel's video
Scot Solida
RolandSH-1 CalvaryBand
RolandSH-2 justin3am
RolandSH-5 See this thread schmuck
RolandSystem 100 (model 101) See this thread schmuck
Sequential CircuitsPro-One video WMP
SergeDSG See this thread. antenne
SergeVCFQ See this thread. antenne
SergePCO See this thread. antenne
SergeNTO See this thread. antenne
SergeFREQ See this thread. antenne
Synthesis TechnologyMOTM-300 See this video. Adam Schabtach
Synthesis TechnologyE340 Cloud Generator Brent Daniels
Synthesizers.comQ-106 Scot Solida
TeiscoS-60F See this thread. WhiteCat
TeiscoS-110F CalvaryBand
TipTop AudioZ3000 Smart VCO deastman
TipTop AudioZ8000 Matrix Sequencer See this thread wetterberg
YamahaCS-30 "works nicely now over a huge 7 octave range" - video WMP
YamahaCS-15 See this thread schmuck
YamahaCS-5 Need to reverse the Gate Open and Gate Closed voltages. Tomasz

VCAs tested with Silent Way CV Input

The following modules have been successfully used with Silent Way CV Input. If you have any experience of Silent Way with other devices, please let us know and we'll update the chart.

ManufacturerModule/SynthCommentsTested by
CwejmanVCO-2RM Using the DC-coupled ring modulator part of this module. This module works in Silent Way CV Input's Bipolar Mode. Navs
CwejmanVCA-2P NB 'linear mode' on this module appears not to be quite linear. Navs
Analogue SystemsRS-380 Modulation Controller Using the VCA part of this module. Expert Sleepers
DoepferA-132-1 VCA Navs
DoepferA-133 Polarizing VCA This module works in Silent Way CV Input's Bipolar Mode. Navs
Synthesizers.comQ108 VCA Scot Solida

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