The Expert Sleepers Licence Manager is a small standalone application that handles the purchasing, registration and activation of the various non-free plug-ins.

The Licence Manager can be used to:

  • Purchase new licences.
  • Enter previously purchased licences, for example if you purchase from the online store, or if you're moving a licence to a new computer.
  • To upgrade licences to newer versions at a special upgrade price, if available. (For example, Augustus Loop v1.5+ costs $29, but to buy an upgrade from v1.4 costs $9.)
Download the Licence Manager from the downloads page.

Common Mac OS X issues

This applies to older versions of macOS. No such issues are expected on High Sierra or newer.

When activating Expert Sleepers software, some OS X users run into a problem where the Licence Manager reports an "unknown error -2003", or sometimes activations appears to work, but then the Licence Manager still reports the plug-in as not activated.

Possible solutions include:

  • Run the OS X Disk Utility, and do a "Repair Disk Permissions".
  • In your user Library folder (in the Finder, alt+Go menu), find the Frameworks folder. Delete anything named 'EWSMac.framework' or 'EWSMac-GC.framework' and try again.
  • Again in your Library folder, open the Application Support folder and delete the 'eSellerate' folder, and try the Licence Manager again.
  • Again in your Library folder, open the Components folder and delete the 'MindVision' folder, if any, and try the Licence Manager again.
  • In your root /Library/Application Support folder (so you're going up to your boot disk (e.g. 'Macintosh HD') and then finding the Library folder, and the Application Support inside that) delete the 'MindVision' folder, and try the Licence Manager again.
  • Delete the 'EWSMac.framework' or 'EWSMac-GC.framework' files as above but from the root /Library/Frameworks folder.
  • If you've moved the Licence Manager to your Applications folder, try instead downloading it to the Desktop and running it from there.
In all cases, try to quit all applications first, certainly any that might be trying to load the plug-ins (e.g. your DAW).

Unfortunately these issues are not unique to the Expert Sleepers Licence Manager. Other software vendors using the eSellerate e-commerce SDK have similar issues. One such vendor has written an even more detailed page here which may also help if you're running into problems. Please note though that page is not affiliated with Expert Sleepers and they cannot offer you support on installation and licencing issues. Please do not email the other company and ask for support!