Persephone listed in SOS 'Modular Gear Of The Year'

We're delighted to say that our Persephone Eurorack module was listed in Sound On Sound magazine's 'Modular Gear Of The Year' list for 2022.

One of a flurry of all‑analogue modules released by Expert Sleepers this year, which also included a mightily impressive filter, phaser and oscillator, the Persephone is a VCA that you will go back to again and again.

Read the full article
here and read their original review of Persephone here.

New analogue modules video by Tom Churchill

YouTuber Tom Churchill just published a deep dive video about the Expert Sleepers analogue module range - Ivo, Lorelei, Beatrix, and Persephone. It explains the modules well, and offers some patch tips that even we hadn't considered!

Analogue module series reviewed in SOS

Our range of analogue modules (Ivo, Lorelei, Beatrix, and Persephone) was reviewed in Sound On Sound magazine, June 2022 issue. They particularly liked Persephone:

The actual tone of the Persephone is glorious … Overall, and I do not say this lightly, the Persephone is probably the best small‑format VCA I have come across in Eurorack

Read the full review here.

Beardyman in Computer Music Magazine

Beatboxing legend Beardyman explains how Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loop Synth and Augustus Loop are central to his live rig, in this video from Computer Music Magazine.

Video review of ES-8 by Mały Modularz

Silent Way v2 reviewed in Future Music

Silent Way v2 was awarded a 'Platinum Award' (their top honour) by Future Music Magazine, Issue 264 (April 2013).

If you're looking to control CV-equipped analogue hardware from the comfort of your DAW, we can't recommend it highly enough.

Two new Silent Way v2 reviews

Silent Way v2 has received two glowing reviews recently.

Computer Music magazine (issue CM186) gave Silent Way five out of five stars in their review:

It takes a lot to blow our minds, but Expert Sleepers has done it again. If you own a modular hardware synth and you don't have Silent Way, you simply aren't getting the most out of your hardware. It's one of the most spectacularly useful pieces of music software ever made.

Sound On Sound have published a very thorough review in their January 2013 issue:

The control voltages generated by the software are, however, sample-accurate, and I found the sense of ‘connection’ with my old synths tangibly better when playing them in real time using Silent Way, as opposed to through my MIDI interface and a MIDI-to-CV converter. A few recordings proved that the synths were much quicker to respond and more consistent in timing. I typically have to audio-quantise analogue bass sequences to get them as tight as I like, but those generated by Silent Way needed no quantisation to feel solidly nailed to the beat.

ES-4 named in CDM's "Greatest New Stuff In Eurorack"

The rather excellent Create Digital Music blog published an article at the end of 2011 entitled “Modular Mega-Roundup: Some of the Greatest New Stuff in Analog+Digital Eurorack for Musicians”, which we’re proud to say included the Expert Sleepers ES-4 module. Read the full article here.

The comment thread below the article includes this rather nice comment:

“what Expert Sleepers is doing today is definitely a game changer and certainly can implement all sorts of ties between computer based music to a greater extent. Ties aren't new between computers and analog synths, but the approach of audio devices outputting precision DC signals and the ready to use software tools readily available is a new dimension”

Silent Way & ES modules reviewed in Synthesizer Magazin

Silent Way and the Expert Sleepers modules (ES-1, ES-2 & ES-3) are the subject of a lengthy review in the current edition of Synthesizer Magazin.

Silent Way & ES-3 reviewed by Sonic State

Silent Way and the ES-3 module were reviewed by Sonic State - read the full review and watch the video here.
“I rarely get to review stuff which I feel is almost flawless, but I think this is one of those occasions”

Silent Way reviewed in Future Music magazine

Silent Way and the ES-3 module got a great review in Future Music Magazine, Issue 239 (May 2011).

“Incredible options for controlling modular synths”
“Silent Way is a no-brainer”
“Silent Way opens up sound design options that'd be expensive, difficult or impossible any other way. It's a fantastic new approach to controlling analogue Control Voltage hardware.”
“... one of the most friendly plug-and-play pieces of hardware you'll ever have the pleasure to use.”

Silent Way reviewed in Tape Op magazine

Silent Way has received a very positive review in Tape Op magazine, issue #81.

“... the potential world of sound that Silent Way opens up is amazing.”
“The toolkit Silent Way offers is vast”

Read the full review here.

Silent Way gets 10/10 in Computer Music

Slightly old news, but it turns out Silent Way was reviewed in issue 147 (January 2010) of Computer Music.

It got a score of 10/10.

Some extracts:

“It works beautifully. We tried it with a Minimoog, modular, Odyssey, Roland SH-101 and even the notoriously cantankerous EMS VCS3. Silent Way was able to get each one to play nicely for at least three octaves.”
“For us, Silent Way is a no-brainer. It’s considerably cheaper than the competition and Expert Sleepers are constantly updating it. It’s a truly brilliant solution to an age old problem and one that might make you reevaluate the practicalities of owning a vintage synth.”

Silent Way reviewed in Sound On Sound

Silent Way has received a glowing review from Sound On Sound magazine, in the May 2010 issue.

“If you dream of controlling your analogue synths from within your DAW software, it may be that your audio interface will let you do just that — with a little help from this plug-in suite.”
“My time with Silent Way was quite a liberating experience.”
“Voice Controller is the star of the show for me. Slick and self-contained, this has the effect of pulling a much-loved analogue synth into the heart of your DAW, with a level of control that is usually the reserve of a virtual instrument.”
“Silent Way is a genuine alternative to a MIDI-to-CV interface, and capable of a greater level of sophistication.”

You can read the full review here.

Brian Eno on Expert Sleepers

Apparently all-round music legend Brian Eno is something of a fan of Expert Sleepers plug-ins, and was kind enough to write me this rather nice review.

Instruments that sound good inspire better music, and it's a struggle to make music with bad-sounding instruments, irrespective of how talented you might be. Software instruments are no different: although they are usually discussed and sold in terms of their 'features'  what really makes you return to an instrument repeatedly is the much more elusive factor of inspirational sound quality.

I don't know enough about programming to understand why some software tools fascinate you while others make you want to get another job, but I do know that when I use anything by ES I get excited by what I'm hearing. These tools have the sonic richness of great analogue instruments - with the features of innovative digital ones.

- Brian Eno

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