Module Overview page added

We’ve added a ‘Module Overview’ page to the site, to give a quick comparison of the various Expert Sleepers CV interface modules. If you’re unsure which is the right choice for you, this would be a good place to start.

Expert Sleepers modules coming soon to Australia

Australian distributor Equinox Oz will soon have stock of Expert Sleepers modules. Pre-orders are being taken now.

Silent Way & ES modules reviewed in Synthesizer Magazin

Silent Way and the Expert Sleepers modules (ES-1, ES-2 & ES-3) are the subject of a lengthy review in the current edition of Synthesizer Magazin.

Expert Sleepers modules arrive in Canada

Expert Sleepers modules are now in stock at Moog Audio, Canada. Currently they have the ES-1 (Jack version) and ES-3.

ES-1 modules back in stock

More stock of the ES-1 module has arrived, including a new aluminium-panelled version of the ES-1 Jack. Order now from the Expert Sleepers Store.

Replacement aluminium panels are also available for existing owners of the acrylic-panelled ES-1.
ES-1 Jack aluminiumIMG_2148

Expert Sleepers on the Sonic State podcast

The Sonic State podcast episode 214 says some very nice things about Silent Way, the ES-3 module, and Expert Sleepers in general. Check it out here - skip about 30 minutes in for where they start talking about Expert Sleepers stuff.

ES-1 aluminium panels

A small number of ES-1 modules are now available with aluminium front panels. The panels are also available separately, for those wishing to replace their existing acrylic panel. See the ES-1 page for ordering details.
ES-1 DB25 with aluminium panelES-1 DB25 replacement aluminium panel

Expert Sleepers modules now in stock at

The ES-1 and ES-2-2 modules are now in stock at

ES-1s now in stock at Analogue Haven

Analogue Haven now have stock of the ES-1 module. Their page for it is here.

Pricing is $195 for the DB25 version and $215 for the Jack version.

ES-1s are back in stock

The ES-1 module is back in stock.

Customers not in the USA can now order directly from the ES-1 page.

US distribution is handled exclusively by Analogue Haven, who will have stock very soon.

Modding an ES-1 with LEDs

We’ve posted a Flickr set showing step-by-step instructions on how to modify an ES-1 module with per-channel LEDs.

The set is here: ES-1 LED mod


ES-1s sold out - more October

The ES-1 module is currently sold out. More stock is expected mid-October.

More Silent Way user videos

YouTube user noisythang has posted three videos showing Silent Way and the ES-1 module controlling various Moogerfooger pedals, and the Metasonix R-54 module.

ES-1 coming soon to Analogue Haven

The ES-1 module will soon be available (in limited quantities initially) from Analogue Haven.

ES-1 modules in stock

We have a small amount of stock of our ES-1 module. Please contact us to place an order. Pricing details on the ES-1 page.

More ES-1 modules now shipping

The new batch of ES-1 modules is now shipping to customers who placed pre-orders.

To pre-order, please add your name to this thread.

First ES-1 modules sold out - more coming

The first batch of ES-1 modules is now sold out.

More will be available from around August 9th 2010. To pre-order, please add your name to this thread.

ES-1 modules now shipping

The first batch of ES-1 modules is currently being prepared for shipping.

As you’ll see here, there were far more pre-orders than actual units made. Expect another, larger production run soon.

Expert Sleepers ES-1 module announced

Expert Sleepers ES-1 interface module

We’re proud to announce details of the first Expert Sleepers hardware product - the ES-1 Audio/CV Interface.

The Expert Sleepers ES-1 Audio/CV Interface is a Eurorack module designed for use with software such as Expert Sleepers Silent Way. It connects to an audio interface using standard 1/4" jack (balanced or unbalanced) or DB25 (aka DSub) connectors, and outputs CVs to your analogue synths/effects on standard 3.5mm jacks. When used with the Silent Way AC Encoder software, there is no requirement for the audio interface to be DC-coupled.

The ES-1 offers the following advantages over directly connecting an audio interface to analogue gear for CV control:

* No requirement for the interface to be DC-coupled.
* No need for special cables (e.g. TRS to TS 'floating ring' cables).
* No danger of damage to the interface - the ES-1's inputs are completely standard balanced audio inputs.
* Much greater output voltage range - up to 9x more than directly connecting a DC-coupled interface via a 'floating ring' cable.

For more details, please see the ES-1 page.

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