Expert Sleepers ES-1 module announced

Expert Sleepers ES-1 interface module

We’re proud to announce details of the first Expert Sleepers hardware product - the ES-1 Audio/CV Interface.

The Expert Sleepers ES-1 Audio/CV Interface is a Eurorack module designed for use with software such as Expert Sleepers Silent Way. It connects to an audio interface using standard 1/4" jack (balanced or unbalanced) or DB25 (aka DSub) connectors, and outputs CVs to your analogue synths/effects on standard 3.5mm jacks. When used with the Silent Way AC Encoder software, there is no requirement for the audio interface to be DC-coupled.

The ES-1 offers the following advantages over directly connecting an audio interface to analogue gear for CV control:

* No requirement for the interface to be DC-coupled.
* No need for special cables (e.g. TRS to TS 'floating ring' cables).
* No danger of damage to the interface - the ES-1's inputs are completely standard balanced audio inputs.
* Much greater output voltage range - up to 9x more than directly connecting a DC-coupled interface via a 'floating ring' cable.

For more details, please see the ES-1 page.

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