Silent Way v2.4.0 released

Silent Way v2.4.0 (all platforms and formats) is released.

New in this version:
• Added new Run modes and a periodic reset feature to Silent Way Sync.
• Added virtual MIDI input ports to Silent Way ES-4 Controller and ES-5 Controller.
• Added ‘Manual DAC’ feature to Silent Way Step LFO.
• The Audio Unit version now implements Apple’s newer Audio Component API, allowing usage in modern (post-OS X 10.6) hosts that do not support the older Component Manager API.
• Updated Silent Way Soundplane’s OSC support for the new t3d format in the Soundplane Client v1.0 and above.

SW Step LFO v2.4.0

Download now from the downloads page.

Video: Silent Way Soundplane

Expert Sleepers Silent Way and Madrona Labs Soundplane on Vimeo.

Demo of using a Madrona Labs Soundplane instrument with Expert Sleepers Silent Way and a modular synthesizer.

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