Silent Way v1.1.0 released

We're happy to announce the release of Silent Way v1.1.0 (all platforms & formats).

This is primarily an update to the Voice Controller plug-in, though the DC plug-in also benefits from the OSC enhancements.

The full list of changes in this version is as follows:

• The Voice Controller AU now has an effect variant so it will work in Digital Performer.
• Added new OSC commands (registerOSCPathForParameter() and registerOSCPathForParameterNormalized()) added, primarily for compatibility with TouchOSC.
• Output configuration changed from a set of drop-down menus to a full matrix of knobs.
• Envelope scale parameters removed, since the same functionality is now offered by the output matrix.
• Added new 'velocity' output.
• Added velocity-based scaling of envelopes.
• Added Hz/V calibration mode.
• Areas of the full MIDI note range note covered during calibration are now filled with ‘wrapped around’ values from octaves that are covered.
• Added note priority modes (last/low/high) and retrigger modes (on/off).
• Added ‘panic’ button.
• Fixed some incorrect envelope triggering behaviours.
• The ‘trigger’ output is now slightly longer than before (it was previously a single audio sample).

NB the reworking of the output configuration unfortunately means that v1.1.0 of the Voice Controller is not preset-compatible with earlier versions. If you install this version and then load up a song that already uses the Voice Controller, some of the settings (notably the envelopes) will be wrong. This is something we usually go to great lengths to avoid in Expert Sleepers plug-ins, but we felt it was acceptable in this case as most workflows will involve using Silent Way to control a synth which is then recorded as audio before moving on - so to some extent storing presets is irrelevant, since you can't store the state of the synth along with it.

Get the update from the downloads page.

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