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All plug-ins updated for macOS 12 Monterey

The macOS versions of all Expert Sleepers plug-ins (AU, VST and AAX) have been updated for compatibility with the recently-released macOS 12 "Monterey".

Download from the downloads page.

Apple M1/Big Sur compatibility

All current Expert Sleepers plug-ins are supported and working on macOS 11 Big Sur, natively on Intel macs and under Rosetta on M1 macs.

We have started on native M1 builds. However the main limiting factor here is the lack of availability of a version of the PACE (iLok) tools with support for M1 builds. We anticipate that by the time the PACE tools are available, we will be ready with the native M1 plug-ins and will be able to release updates fairly swiftly.

All plug-ins updated for Logic 10.5 compatibility

The AU versions of all Expert Sleepers plug-ins have been updated for compatibility with the recently-released Logic 10.5.

Download from the downloads page.

Plug-in releases for High Sierra compatibility

The following plug-ins are updated for compatibility with macOS 10.13 "High Sierra":

Augustus Loop v2.4.7
Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.10
Little Spacey v1.1.4
Meringue v2.1.4
Minky Starshine v1.1.4
Oomingmak v1.1.5
Spectral Conquest v1.0.8
Warbler v1.2.3
USAMO v1.0.12

Download now from the downloads page.

All macOS plug-ins & Licence Manager updated

All macOS plug-ins (AU, VST & AAX) and the Licence Manager have been updated for compatibility with macOS 10.12 'Sierra'.

The only changes are related to the licensing system. When updating to the new plug-in versions, you must also update, and run at least once, the Licence Manager.

The new versions are:

Licence Manager v1.3.0
Augustus Loop v2.4.6
Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.8
Little Spacey v1.1.3
Meringue v2.1.3
Minky Starshine v1.1.2
Oomingmak v1.1.4
Silent Way v2.5.5
Spectral Conquest v1.0.6
Warbler v1.2.2
USAMO 1.0.11

Download now from the downloads page.

All plug-ins now available as AAX

The entire range of Expert Sleepers plug-ins is now available in AAX format, for Mac OS X and Windows.

Download now from the downloads page.

All plug-ins now available as Windows 64 bit VST

All Expert Sleepers plug-ins are now available as 64 bit VST plug-ins for Windows. The plug-ins which are new to 64 bit support are:
Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.6
Little Spacey v1.1.1
Meringue v2.1.1
Minky Starshine v1.1.0
Oomingmak v1.1.2
Spectral Conquest v1.0.4
Warbler v1.2.0

Download all the above from the downloads page.

All Mac OS X plug-ins updated (again)

All Mac OS X versions of Expert Sleepers plug-ins have today been updated again. All have the same small fix applied for compatibility with some older OS X installs. The new versions are:
Augustus Loop v2.4.3
Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.6
Little Spacey v1.1.2
Meringue v2.1.2
Minky Starshine v1.1.1
Oomingmak v1.1.3
Silent Way v2.4.4
Spectral Conquest v1.0.4
Warbler v1.2.1

Download all the above from the downloads page.

All Mac OS X plug-ins updated

All Mac OS X versions of Expert Sleepers plug-ins have today been updated. This is primarily a maintenance update to allow an update to the Licence Manager, but there are new additions too.

The Licence Manager is updated to v1.1.0, with changes for compatibility with recent OS X releases. With this Licence Manager, please use the versions of the plug-ins listed below (or later). If you update any of your plug-ins to these new versions, please be sure to update all of them, and the Licence Manager. If you subsequently have activation issues, please work through the suggestions on the Licence Manager page before contacting us.

Silent Way is updated to v2.4.3. Changes in this version:
• Added support for MIDI output of Song Position Pointer.
• Added support for MIDI output of sysex data to the AAX version.
• Fixed a possible crash when using the OSC browse dialog in 64 bit hosts.
• Added ‘Match Note Offs’ feature to Silent Way ES-4 Controller and Silent Way ES-5 Controller.

Minky Starshine is updated to v1.1.0 and Warbler is updated to v1.2.0. These are the first 64 bit releases of these two plug-ins (happily bringing the full Expert Sleepers line to 64 bit; adding AAX compatibility for everything is next on the list).

The following releases are for Licence Manager compatibility only, and add no new features:
Augustus Loop v2.4.2
Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.5
Little Spacey v1.1.1
Meringue v2.1.1
Oomingmak v1.1.2
Spectral Conquest v1.0.3

Download all the above from the downloads page.

Little Spacey v1.1.0 (Mac OS X AAX) released

Little Spacey v1.1.0 is now available in AAX format (for Pro Tools 10 & 11, Mac OS X) for the first time.

Little Spacey and Meringue OS X VST now 64 bit

Little Spacey v1.1.0 and Meringue v2.1.0 (Mac OS X VST versions) are released, bringing 64 bit compatibility.

Little Spacey v1.1.0 released - 64 bit AU

Little Spacey v1.1.0, Audio Unit version, is released. This version adds 64 bit support.

Analogue Bundle available

In addition to the previously mentioned bundles, the ‘Analogue Bundle’ is now available from the store.

The Analogue Bundle combines the analogue synth controller Silent Way with two analogue-sounding delays, Augustus Loop and Little Spacey.

The bundle is priced at $90, saving $37 on the price of the plug-ins bought separately.

A summary of all the currently available bundles and pricing is here.

Little Spacey v1.0.2 (Windows VST) released

Little Spacey v1.0.2 is released. Only the Windows VST version is updated.

This release fixes a possible crash when opening the plug-in GUI on some low end graphics hardware.

Download now from the downloads page.

All Expert Sleepers plug-ins now Snow Leopard compatible

The following updates are released for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard":

* Augustus Loop v2.1.2
* Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.2
* Little Spacey v1.0.1
* Meringue v2.0.3
* Minky Starshine v1.0.8
* Oomingmak v1.0.1
* Warbler v1.1.1

Note that Silent Way was already compatible with Snow Leopard.

In all cases only the AU & OS X VST versions are updated - the Windows VST versions are unchanged.

Download now from the downloads page.

Special offers reminder

Just a reminder that we have two special offers still running:

* Silent Way testers' bounty
* Little Spacey for $5

Special offer - Little Spacey for $5

As previously mentioned, Expert Sleepers has close ties with the band Darkroom.

We find ourselves with more inventory than we'd like of the last album, Some Of These Numbers Mean Something, so we're presenting this special offer: buy the CD (currently about $15 including shipping) and get Little Spacey for $5 (usual price $29).

So that gives you the plug-in at about 33% off, plus you have a CD which you can enjoy/give away/sell on eBay.

Here's exactly how it works:
* Buy the CD from Burning Shed, from this page.
* Send your name and email address, as used on your Burning Shed order, to Simply forwarding the order confirmation you get from Burning Shed should suffice.
* Once we've confirmed your details, we'll send you a coupon code. You then use this code when buying Little Spacey to get the discount.

Sending your coupon should typically happen on the same working day that we get your mail, but please bear in mind that we're in the UK (and so for example about 8 hours ahead of the west coast of the USA).

The discount on Little Spacey applies once per purchase of the CD. If you already own the CD, you need to buy it again to qualify for the offer. Give the spare to a friend, or something.

This offer may be withdrawn at any time, so take advantage of it now!

Little Spacey v1.0.0 released - new plug-in!

We're proud to announce the release of Little Spacey, a new plug-in for Mac OS X (AU/VST) and Windows (VST).

Little Spacey is delay effect, inspired by classic analogue ‘bucket brigade’ delays but with refinements only possible in the digital arena - not to mention a maximum delay time that would cost a small fortune to realise in hardware.

Great care has been taken to give Little Spacey the smooth, creamy sound which makes analogue delays still popular today.

In common with the best analogue delays Little Spacey allows you to modulate the delay time for chorus or vibrato effects. Unlike most analogue delays, Little Spacey is not restricted to mono operation, and works well in stereo or multi-channel (AU only) settings, offering variation of the effect between the channels for particularly rich and involving sounds.

Download the free demo and user manual from the downloads page. The plug-in includes a number of presets (described in the manual) which show off the range of possibilities that the plug-in offers.

Available immediately, priced at $29 (USD, plus VAT if applicable).

Please read the following blog post (above this one, if you're reading on the Expert Sleepers home page) for details of how to get Little Spacey for just $5!

Another new plug-in coming soon

Hot on the heels of Oomingmak, we have another new plug-in almost ready to go.

It's called Little Spacey (anyone spot the theme in the plug-in names?), and we're really excited about it - it just sounds beautiful.

Watch this space!

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