Special offer - Little Spacey for $5

As previously mentioned, Expert Sleepers has close ties with the band Darkroom.

We find ourselves with more inventory than we'd like of the last album, Some Of These Numbers Mean Something, so we're presenting this special offer: buy the CD (currently about $15 including shipping) and get Little Spacey for $5 (usual price $29).

So that gives you the plug-in at about 33% off, plus you have a CD which you can enjoy/give away/sell on eBay.

Here's exactly how it works:
* Buy the CD from Burning Shed, from this page.
* Send your name and email address, as used on your Burning Shed order, to littlespaceyoffer@expertsleepers.co.uk. Simply forwarding the order confirmation you get from Burning Shed should suffice.
* Once we've confirmed your details, we'll send you a coupon code. You then use this code when buying Little Spacey to get the discount.

Sending your coupon should typically happen on the same working day that we get your mail, but please bear in mind that we're in the UK (and so for example about 8 hours ahead of the west coast of the USA).

The discount on Little Spacey applies once per purchase of the CD. If you already own the CD, you need to buy it again to qualify for the offer. Give the spare to a friend, or something.

This offer may be withdrawn at any time, so take advantage of it now!

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