Augustus Loop v2.0.0 beta (Windows VST) released

The Windows VST version of Augustus Loop v2 is now available - see the post below for more general details on the beta.

You can download the Windows version (and an updated manual) here:

Augustus Loop v2.0.0 beta (OS X) released

We're proud to announce a public beta release of Augustus Loop v2, a major update to our popular tape echo/looping plug-in. Only the Mac OS X (AU and VST) versions are available right now - the Windows VST version will follow soon.

For new features in v2, see the what's new page.

You can download the beta here:

You can also download example skins and scripts for use with v2.

Please note that Augustus Loop v2 uses a new serial number from previous versions, so if you have a licence for v1.8 or earlier it won't work with v2, and the plug-in will operate in demo mode. It is not yet possible to purchase licences for v2.

Please post comments and feedback on the forum.

Augustus Loop v2 approaching completion

Something of a milestone today - feature development work on Augustus Loop v2 is done, at least for the AU version. So all that remains is to make some presets, write the documentation (itself a not inconsiderable task) and then enter the world of hurt that is the VST and in particular Windows versions.
Stay tuned for a probably public beta of AL2 sometime soon.

Augustus Loop planning

After much thought, I've decided that, despite the beta that was available a while back, the next version of Augustus Loop will not be v1.9.0 after all, but v2.0.0. So, apologies to those who were getting excited about the v1.9 features, but I think you'll be even more pleased with v2.0, which will have a whole load more new features in it, in part focusing on removing any possibility of clicks and pops from bad loops or sudden changes (e.g. when using Clear Loop).

One new feature that I'm very excited about is a whole new implementation of the Freeze Loop function, which IMHO has never quite lived up to expectations. I have that working already and it's awesome. Really.

I'll also use this message to announce that I'll be putting the price up a bit, mainly because v2.0 is a major upgrade, but also because of the continued weakness of the dollar against the pound (my prices are fixed in $ but I live in the UK so I receive the money in £). However my current plan is to continue my policy of making the upgrade price simply the same as the difference in prices of the two versions, so nobody buying the plug-in shortly before the new version is released will lose out. To put it another way - don't wait for the new version! Buy it now! Now!

Augustus Loop v1.9 beta expired

The Augustus Loop v1.9.0 beta 1 expired today. There will probably be another beta soon. In the meantime, please use the latest v1.8 version from the downloads page.

Augustus Loop v1.9.0 beta 1 released (AU only)

We're proud to announce a public beta of a new Augustus Loop release. This is quite a big one. Changes:
  • Augustus Loop’s GUI is now fully skinnable and scriptable.
  • MIDI behaviour is now scriptable.
  • Added Record Offset feature, which helps with latency problems in live situations (see this thread).
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Apple’s AU validation tool (as used by Logic) to run very slowly when validating Augustus Loop on OS X Leopard.
You can download the beta here:
Please post comments and feedback on the forum.

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