Snow Leopard compatibility - update

Following up on the last post about the font changes in Snow Leopard - we've been able to test the new font files as provided in OS X 10.6, and the good news is that the plug-ins work fine with them.

So, the best workaround for people installing Expert Sleepers plug-ins on Snow Leopard is as follows:
- right click on the plug-in file, and do "Show Package Contents".
- inside the folder "Contents/Resources", find the file "gui.lua".
- open this file in a text editor (e.g. TextEdit).
- replace all occurrences of "GillSans.dfont" with "GillSans.ttc".
- save the file.

All of our releases from now on will contain this change by default, so there will be no need to carry out this procedure.

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