Silent Way v2.0.0 released

Silent Way v2.0.0 is released, the first major update to our best-selling plug-in suite for controlling analogue hardware. Changes and additions include:

• Added 5 new plug-ins: Silent Way ES-5 Controller, Silent Way ESX-4CV Combiner, Silent Way Follower, Silent Way Learner and Silent Way Soundplane.
• 64 bit support (OS X and Windows).
• New GUI look.
• Added skinning - fully customisable GUIs.
• Added MIDI learn for easy remote control from MIDI control surfaces.
• Added new OSC control features for trivial setup with popular OSC apps such as TouchOSC.
• All plug-ins are now installed in a single bundle (OS X)/dll (Windows).
• Numerous other small fixes and enhancements.

Please refer to the user manual for a fuller list of changes.

Pricing: Silent Way v2.0.0 is $59. An upgrade from v1.x is $20. Users who bought v1 in 2012 are entitled to a discounted upgrade price of $10 - contact Expert Sleepers with your serial number for a discount coupon.

Special Offer! For a limited time we’re also offering analogue-style delay plug-in Little Spacey for just $10 when purchased with a Silent Way v2 upgrade.

Download Silent Way v2 and Licence Manager 1.0.18 (required for upgrades) now from the downloads page.

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