Silent Way v1.6.11 released - Lion compatible

Silent Way v1.6.11 is released. New in this release:
• The AU Generator variants of the Silent Way DC, Silent Way CV Input, Silent Way LFO and Silent Way Step LFO plug-ins have been replaced by AU Instrument variants, so as to be compatible with AU validation under OS X Lion.
• Added a ‘Reset By Note’ option to Silent Way LFO, allowing the LFO to be reset by incoming MIDI note-on messages.
• Added visual feedback of the LFO’s position in its cycle to Silent Way LFO.
• Added a ‘Create ES-4 Calibration’ button to Silent Way Quantizer, removing the need to load a suitable calibration file when using the Quantizer with the ES-4 module.
• Made a slight adjustment to the ES-4 Controller’s input processing to match that in the Silent Way Voice Controller and Silent Way Quantizer.

Download now from the downloads page. Note that there is an updated version of the user manual for this release.

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