Silent Way v1.5.1 released - adds Quantizer and CV To MIDI plug-ins

We're happy to announce the release of Silent Way v1.5.1, which adds two new plug-ins to the suite - Silent Way Quantizer and Silent Way CV To MIDI.

Silent Way Quantizer is a CV processing plug-in that constrains the incoming (continuous) CVs to a number of discrete values. For example, it can constrain a pitch CV to exact semitone values. This is especially useful when combined with the Step LFO plug-in in order to accurately sequence musical notes, but it can also be used with e.g. the regular LFO plug-in, or with the Voice Controller plug-in to turn portamentos into discrete glissandos.
The Quantizer plug-in is capable of loading the calibration data from the Voice Controller plug-in, in order to output accurately calibrated pitches.

Silent Way CV To MIDI translates CV signals (such as those produced by Silent Way CV Input, for example) into MIDI messages. These can in turn be used to control all sorts of software and hardware devices. Used in conjunction with, say, Silent Way LFO, the CV To MIDI plug-in provides a standalone means of generating MIDI LFOs, giving Silent Way an application to musicians who have no analogue gear at all.

Other changes in v1.5.1:
* Added ‘Random Tuning’ feature to Silent Way Voice Controller.
* Added ability to save and load calibration data to Silent Way Voice Controller.

Download now from the downloads page.

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