New album release : Ned Rush - The Plunderer Expresses

We're delighted to announce the fifth release on the Expert Sleepers label, "The Plunderer Expresses" by Ned Rush. Here's how Mr Ned Rush describes it:

This is a collection of one take jams recorded during the very early hours of the morning entirely on a modular system, recorded into a computer via the ES-8 and finally edited into a mix tape in Ableton. Many of the function, modulation and sequence utilities come from multiple Disting mk4s and some times the Disting EX. LFOs and rising and falling envelopes would be run into quantisers to create off kilter evolving sequences, whilst gates would be opened and closed using random triggers and other modules would be randomised using sample and hold functions. A lot of the fm percussion was patched using only the 3 Distings, as well as other circumstantial sounds.

Available now as a digital release and on cassette.

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