Augustus Loop v2.2.0 released - 64 bit AU

We’re proud to announce the release of Augustus Loop v2.2.0.

This is a milestone for Expert Sleepers as it’s our first 64 bit release. Specifically it’s a 32/64 bit Intel Audio Unit, and so can be used in native 64 bit mode in Logic 9 and Mainstage 2.1 when those hosts are running as 64 bit applications.

From now on we anticipate that all our Mac releases will be Intel only, will support 64 bit use, and will require Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6.

There are no new features in Augustus Loop v2.2.0 other than the availability of a 64 bit variant. If you’re not using 64 bit hosts, there’s no reason to take this update.

If you are though, download the update now from the downloads page.

Update: there appears to be a problem with this version’s GUI and Digital Performer. Please use v2.1.2 with Digital Performer (which is 32 bit, so there’s no reason to use this 64 bit build anyway).

Update: MOTU have confirmed this problem in DP 7.1.

Update: there is also a problem with this version and OS X 10.5. A fix is being worked on.

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