Announcing the disting mk3

We’re proud to announce a major update to our popular disting Eurorack module - the disting mk3.

disting, frontdisting

The main changes as compared to the disting mk2 are:
* Smaller - now 42mm deep (from 53mm)
* Over 50% less power consumption - now 70mA combined draw (from 148mA)
* User-updatable code - via Micro SD card
* More algorithms - no longer limited to 16
* More functionality - new encoder and push buttons give more control options

New algorithms shipping with the disting mk3 include a voltage controlled delay, a tape delay, and a resonator/drum synthesizer. Many existing algorithms have been enhanced - with extra parameters, manual tap tempo (for the clockable LFO and delay modes), and a ‘knob recorder’ function. Refer to the updated user manual for details.

The disting mk3 is expected to ship in November 2015.

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