All-EMS VCS3 track using Silent Way

Scot Solida posted this track, made entirely with Silent Way controlling an EMS VCS3:

EMS VCS 3 tune

Silent Way is a freakin' miracle. Thanks to Expert Sleepers, even something as cantankerous as my old EMS VCS3 can be called into duty for something more than simulating cosmic flatulence.

Eight tracks of nuthin' but VCS3 (and a delay), recorded in Logic, using the Silent Way Voice Controller plug-in to keep the old feller in tune. Sure, there are some cosmic flatulence patches, but they give way to Berlin-school sequencery and an utterly masturbatory lead (forgive the indulgence. It's not every day that I can play the thing in perfect tune for this long without the oscillators getting into an argument with one another!)

It's an improv exercise, but if you like old Mark Shreeve or Wavestar, you might find it entertaining. I am just blown away by the fact that Silent Way can tame the old thing.

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