Augustus Loop v2.1.0 released + new script/skin

Augustus Loop v2.1.0 is now released (all formats/platforms).

v2.1.0 adds some new functionality to Augustus's MIDI/OSC and GUI scripting.

Timing functions

In MIDI/OSC scripts you can now
* get the time between two events
* ask for a function to be called after a certain amount of time, or regularly at a specified interval.

Using these functions you can do useful things like distinguish between short and long footpedal presses, or detect double taps etc.

GUI indicators for MIDI/OSC script status

A new form of the existing 'indicator' GUI item has been added, together with some corresponding MIDI/OSC script functions, to allow you to create GUI elements that reflect the state of scripted variables.

As usual, get the update from the downloads page.

These new features were developed after a request from Axel Baesler, who has used them to make a fairly complex script based on my Multilooper script. He's also made a custom GUI to go with the script, and provided a sample Live set and even a FCB1010 footcontroller patch to use with it. Get the script from the scripts page.

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