Augustus Loop v1.7.0 beta 1 (AU) released

I've just posted the first beta of the new Augustus Loop. The main new thing is the new GUI, which has been re-implemented using the same technology as the other plug-ins. This is what's going to enable a Mac VST and Windows VST version of Augustus not too far in the future.

Other changes:
- The filter has been fixed. Previously the cutoff frequency was limited to about 2kHz, even though the knob goes up to 8kHz. Also it was possible to get nasty artefacts when using extreme filter LFO settings. Note: this does change the sound of the plug-in, if you were using cutoff frequencies above 2kHz. A global preferences setting to retain the old behaviour has been provided for people who need to use the new version to go back and revisit an old mix.
- A 'Tape Stop' button has been added. This is great for 'finger on the turntable' type effects.

Right now I'm very keen to hear from people who are experienced with previous versions of the plug-in, to find out if the new GUI has introduced any major issues.

You can download it here.

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