User Manual

The user manual for the FH-1 is available in pdf form. Please choose the manual corresponding to your firmware version below.

Firmware updates

Please watch this forum thread for firmware update notifications.
2.3 27/8/2019 Improved compatibility with some USB devices, notably the KMI 12 Step and the Sensel Morph.
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2.2 21/1/2019 Improved compatibilty with certain USB devices with composite USB descriptors.
Fixed 'device specific' behaviours.
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2.1 9/8/2018 Added setting to disable MIDI Clock input.
Added support for MIDI clock 'continue' messages.
Added 'velocity gate' outputs.
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2.0 14/11/2017 All-new USB stack.
Added support for USB hubs.
Added support for USB HID periperals.
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1.8 2/10/2017 Added a setting for trigger length.
Added a configuration option for polyphonic MIDI/CV converters to prevent voice stealing.
Tempo synced LFOs will now run if the FH-1 is being clocked from its X input, if the "Stop LFOs when clock stopped" option is set.
Sustain now works for 'unison' mode MIDI/CV converters.
Fixed compatibility with High Speed USB devices, notably the Elektron Digitakt.
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1.7 20/3/2017 Added arpeggiator.
Added support for sustain in MIDI/CV converters.
Added option for 'gated aftertouch'.
Added 'unison' voice allocation mode.
Added 'note to CC' maps.
Added a CC for direct control over the internal clock's run state.
Added LED feedback for the Launch Control (along the lines of that previously provided for the Launch Control XL).
Improved compatibility with iConnectMIDI interfaces.
Fixed a bug with using portamento and smoothing together.
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1.6 17/11/2016 Added support for release velocity and trigger outputs in the MIDI/CV converters.
Added the 'lowest voice' polyphonic voice allocation scheme.
Added the ability to step through presets via the FH-1 trigger inputs.
Added MIDI System Exclusive functionality - the ability to set CC remapping directly via SysEx, and the ability to load and save scripts via SysEx.
Added the 'FORCE' command in the configuration scripts.
Added a menu command to reboot the FH-1.
Increased compatibility with some USB devices (notably the KMI SoftStep).
Fixed a problem which could cause FH-1 output 1 to glitch if FHX-1 expanders were being used.
The FH-1 no longer generates MIDI clock if it is following MIDI clock; nor will it attempt to follow MIDI clock if it is itself generating MIDI clock.
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1.5 28/1/2016 Added the ability to change settings and perform clock actions via MIDI.
Scripts are now run whever a USB device is attached, not just at power up.
Added the DEV & RST script commands.
Added portamento for monophonic MIDI/CV converters.
Added sequencer glide and gate length parameters.
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1.4 27/11/2015 Added internal clock generator (bpm-based and tap tempo).
Added special purpose outputs.
Added setting to disable tempo-synced LFOs when clock is stopped.
Fixed a bug in LFO speeds above CC value 120.
Fixed a bug which caused sequencer A's outputs to update in response to CCs setting sequencer B's steps.
Changed maximum polyphony to 16 (from 4).
Whitespace in configuration scripts is now ignored.
Added support for raw MIDI in configuration scripts.
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1.3 2/10/2015 Added global transpose setting.
Added setting to disable device-specific modes.
Added inverted gate option in configuration scripts.
Added optimisations for the LinnStrument.
Added support for the Launchpad Pro.
1.2 19/8/2015 Added configuration scripts.
Added smoothing.
Added calibration.
Added setting for preset to load at startup.
1.1 20/7/2015 Added legato velocity setting.
Added LFO phase controls.
Added scales to the sequencer.
Added reset menus.
Added LFO noise and random waveforms.
1.0 2/7/2015 Same as 0.4. This version was programmed onto the first production run of FH-1s.
0.4 24/6/2015 Fixed possible crash when connecting clock input.
Added MIDI clock in and out.
0.3 19/6/2015 Implemented notes on channels 9, 10, 11 & 15.
Added setting for pitch bend depth.
0.2 18/6/2015 Fixed preset load & save Download

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