This page describes the legacy mk3 disting. For the current product, please see here.
If in doubt, ask.

Firmware Updates

The disting mk3's firmware can be updated using a Micro SD card. The process is as follows:
  • Download the firmware from the Expert Sleepers website.
  • Unzip the download.
  • Copy the file 'image.hex' from the unzipped download to the root folder of a Micro SD card.
  • Turn off the disting and insert the Micro SD card into the socket on the PCB marked 'X1'.
    • The exposed contacts of the card should face towards the edge of the PCB; the angled side of the card itself points towards the disting's front panel.
    • You are advised to observe basic ESD (electrostatic discharge) precautions - see for example here. Don't be wearing a nylon sweater in an air conditioned room.
  • Turn on the disting with the S knob pressed. It will go through the first stage of its startup sequence, showing the bootloader version number.
  • Keep the S knob pressed until LEDs 4, a & b light.
    • If at this point LEDs 3 & c flash alternately, no firmware file could be found on the card. Turn off the power, remove the card and check its contents.
  • Release the knob to begin the update process.
  • When the update starts, LEDs 3 & 4 will light and LEDs a-d will flash to indicate progress. Do not remove the card or turn off the power during the update.
  • When the update is complete, the disting will flash LEDs a & b alternately.
  • Turn off the disting, remove the Micro SD card, and turn it back on to resume normal operation.
Note that the Micro SD card needs to be formatted as FAT32 (which is how many of them ship, so chances are you don't need to do anything about this).

Please watch this forum thread for firmware update notifications.

Firmware downloads

3.10 1/9/2017 Added Stereo Reverb, Mono-to-Stereo Reverb, and Dual Reverb algorithms.
Added Stereo Chorus and Mono Chorus algorithms.
Added Waveform Animator algorithm.
Added Noise algorithm.
Added Wavetable VCO algorithm.
Updated 4/9/2017 - Fixed display of algorithm number, broken in first 3.10 download.
Download Reference Guide
3.9 7/6/2017 Added Audio Recorder algorithm.
Added Dual Quantizer algorithm.
Added Dual Euclidean Patterns algorithm.
Added Dual Delayed Pulse Generator algorithm.
Added Dual Sample and Hold algorithm.
Added a Track and Hold mode to the Sample and Hold algorithm.
Added multiplier parameter to the Clockable Delay algorithm.
Added speed parameter to the Tape Delay algorithm.
Fixed the behaviour of the Phaser algorithm at extreme feedback settings.
Download Reference Guide
3.8 17/2/2017 Added Crossfade/Pan algorithm. Added Clocked Audio Playback algorithm. Added Key parameter to the Quantizer algorithm. Download Reference Guide
3.7 27/10/2016 Added ES-1 and ES-2 emulation algorithms. Added Audio Playback With End CV algorithm. Added the favourites mechanism. Added an option for pre-scale transpose in the Quantizer algorithm. Added a parameter for Y offset in the Resonator algorithm. Added the -fixedPitch, -ramp and -triggers options in audio playlists. Fixed a bug in the display of parameters in the Quantizer algrithm. Fixed a bug in the playback of one-shot audio samples where the playback would stop at slightly the wrong position (possibly resulting in clicks). Download Reference Guide
3.6 14/7/2016 Added support for mono WAV files. Increased maximum number of WAV files per playlist to 64. Added an input attenuation parameter to the quantizer algorithm. Increased octave shift range in VCO algorithms. Added a y offset (waveshape) parameter to the VCO with waveshaping algorithm. Fixed a hang if a playlist file ended with multiple blank lines. Download Reference Guide
3.5 23/6/2016 Fixed hangs when entering SD playback modes with no valid media on the card. Added '-retriggerOnSampleChange' setting. Added Bit Crusher. Download Reference Guide
3.4 14/6/2016 SD playback modes now (de)selectable as normal algorithms. Added playlist & settings for SD playback, including one-shot mode. Added octave switch parameter in V/Oct SD playback mode. Reduced latency when retriggering SD playback. Added MIDI file playback modes. Added Euro<->Buchla converter algorithms. Fixed a bug with storing parameters. Download Reference Guide
3.3 3/3/2016 Added audio playback from SD card. Added vocoder. Added precision adder with fractional offsets. Fixed encoder bounce issues. Download Reference Guide
3.2 1/2/2016 Added clockable ping pong delays, envelope generators and shift register random algorithms. Fixed save/restore of parameters over a power cycle. Download Reference Guide
3.1 10/12/2015 Fixed menus not traversing correctly when turning the encoder. Pressing Z now cancels any menu. Prevented knob recorder playback from stopping immediately if the knob is being turned as it's released. Pressing Z in the Sample & Hold algorithm now triggers a manual sample. Added a tape length parameter to the Tape Delay algorithm. Added check for corrupt calibration data at startup. Added check for invalid calibration data before writing calibration to flash. Download Reference Guide
3.0 24/11/2015 First release. Download Reference Guide

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