Augustus Loop

Font issues

The below applies to Mac OS X versions versions prior to v2.0.0 only.

Augustus Loop needs to load a font in order to display text. By default, it attempts to load

If this file is not found, v1.7.2 and above will attempt to load
If these files do not exist on your system, no text will appear in the GUI. (In v1.7.0, the plug-in will actually crash.)

There are two possible solutions:

  1. Find the file 'GillSans.dfont' on your system and copy/move it to '/Library/Fonts'.
  2. Choose another font file on your system, and instruct the plug-in to use it.
To let the plug-in know to use another font file, first locate the file 'com.expertsleepers.AugustusLoop.plist' which (if it exists) will be in your preferences folder:
If the file doesn't exist, use this file.

The file is a standard Mac OS X preferences file, which is a list of key/value pairs in XML format. To set the font, insert or edit these lines:

        <key>Font path</key>
        <string>/Library/Fonts/Times New Roman</string>
replacing '/Library/Fonts/Times New Roman' with the path to your font of choice.