ESX-8MD MIDI/DINsync Expander

ESX-8MD - Introduction

ESX-8MD, front ESX-8MD
The ESX-8MD is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding eight MIDI/DINsync outputs from one expansion header.

The ES-4/5 Controller software (part of Expert Sleepers Silent Way) allows the ESX-8MD outputs to be used for MIDI output* (note - not just MIDI clock output, but as an actual MIDI port, capable of sending any MIDI messages). Since these outputs are driven from an audio connection, they have sample-accurate timing, which no USB MIDI interface can claim.

The Silent Way Sync plug-in would typically be used to send DINsync to the ESX-8MD, though any software capable of addressing the ES-4/5's expansion headers, via Silent Way or the Max/MSP external, can send clock pulses to it.

* Note - the MIDI out feature is only officially supported at sample rates of 48kHz and above, though some users report success with specific hardware when running at 44.1kHz.

Expert Sleepers ESX-8MD DINsync demo on Vimeo.

Expert Sleepers ESX-8MD MIDI demo on Vimeo.

The Polyphonic MicroBrute on Vimeo.

Expert Sleepers ESX-8MD Multiple MIDI outs demo on Vimeo.


The ESX-8MD's specifications are as follows:
  • Panel width: 10HP
  • Module depth: 27mm
  • Digital input: connection from ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5 module
  • Outputs: 8 5-pin DIN sockets, wired for both MIDI and DINsync
    • Each channel is wired individually for MIDI (8 simultaneous outputs)
    • Channels are wired in pairs for DINsync (4 simultaneous outputs, each duplicated on two sockets)
  • Indicators: 1 LED per channel indicating activity
  • Current draw: 12mA on the +12V rail, 0mA on the -12V rail (12mA total)

The front panel is drilled for both Doepfer and Analogue Systems mounting holes (using a 'slot' rather than a single round hole). The power connector is a Doepfer standard 10 way IDC, with -12V furthest from the top of the board.

For more detail, please see the user manual.

Software Requirements

The ESX-8MD requires software in order to operate, as noted above. Currently, the only such software is Expert Sleepers Silent Way, and our Max/MSP external. Note that MIDI functionality is only available via Silent Way.

Silent Way is available in AudioUnit, VST & AAX formats for Mac OS X and Windows. Use of Silent Way therefore requires a compatible host application (DAW).

A Silent Way licence is not included with the ESX-8MD.

Pricing & Availablity

The ESX-8MD is available now.

For purchasing links, please see the store.