New module: ESX-8MD

The ESX-8MD MIDI/DINsync Expander is now available.

The ESX-8MD is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding eight MIDI/DINsync outputs from one expansion header.

The ES-4/5 Controller software (part of Expert Sleepers Silent Way) allows the ESX-8MD outputs to be used for MIDI output (note - not just MIDI clock output, but as an actual MIDI port, capable of sending any MIDI messages). Since these outputs are driven from an audio connection, they have sample-accurate timing, which no USB MIDI interface can claim.

The Silent Way Sync plug-in would typically be used to send DINsync to the ESX-8MD, though any software capable of addressing the ES-4/5's expansion headers, via Silent Way or the Max/MSP external, can send clock pulses to it.

See the ‘where to buy’ page for purchasing information.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.4 (AU) released

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.4 (Audio Unit version) is released. This version fixes some minor compatibility issues with recent DAW and OS X versions.

Download now from the downloads page.

Two new modular stores

Expert Sleepers modules are now available from two brand new retailers:

* Clock Face Modular in Japan

* Muff Wiggler in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Silent Way v2.4.1 (Mac OS X) released

Silent Way v2.4.1 (Mac OS X only) is released.

This update adds Retina-resolution rendering when the plug-ins are used in a compatible host (pretty much anything except 32 bit VST hosts).

Download now from the downloads page.

Click through to view this image in full resolution for a comparison:
Retina rendering in Silent Way 2.4.1

Silent Way v2.4.0 released

Silent Way v2.4.0 (all platforms and formats) is released.

New in this version:
• Added new Run modes and a periodic reset feature to Silent Way Sync.
• Added virtual MIDI input ports to Silent Way ES-4 Controller and ES-5 Controller.
• Added ‘Manual DAC’ feature to Silent Way Step LFO.
• The Audio Unit version now implements Apple’s newer Audio Component API, allowing usage in modern (post-OS X 10.6) hosts that do not support the older Component Manager API.
• Updated Silent Way Soundplane’s OSC support for the new t3d format in the Soundplane Client v1.0 and above.

SW Step LFO v2.4.0

Download now from the downloads page.

News modules: ES-40, ESX-8CV and ESX-8GT mk2


We’ve just released three new modules:

* The ES-40 SPDIF Interface (£94.80) converts a standard S/PDIF input to five channels of expansion headers, which are used in conjunction with the Expert Sleepers ESX range of expanders.

* The ESX-8CV CV Expander (£130.80) is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding eight CV outputs from one expansion header.

* The ESX-8GT mk2 Gate Expander (£54) is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding 8 on/off outputs for use as gates, triggers, clocks etc. from one expansion header.

All are available immediately.

Expert Sleepers ESX-8CV & the Silent Way Voice Controller on Vimeo.

Expert Sleepers ES-40/ESX-8CV/ESX-8GT demo on Vimeo.

We’ve also announced the forthcoming ESX-8MD MIDI/DINsync Expander, expected to be available in the next couple of months.

ESX-8MD prototype

Expert Sleepers wins EM Editor's Choice award

We’re delighted that the Expert Sleepers ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface has been awarded an Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice 2014 award. They said “Whether you use Max/MSP, NI Reaktor, or the company’s own Silent Way plug-in, the ES-3 Mk3 is an essential tool for any serious modular-synth user.” Read the full text, and find out about the rest of the winners, here.

Silent Way v2.3.0 released

Silent Way v2.3.0 (all platforms and formats) is released.

New in this version:
• Added Silent Way ESX-8CV Combiner.
• Added polyphonic MIDI splitting to Silent Way ES-4 Controller and Silent Way ES-5 Controller.
• Added ESX-8CV mode to Silent Way Voice Controller.
• Fixed a bug which was causing glitches in the paraphonic envelope outputs of Silent Way Voice Controller in poly master mode.

Download now from the downloads page.

Expert Sleepers workshop at London Modular

On December 7th Expert Sleepers conducted a workshop at the London Modular showroom.

We videoed it, but sadly this is a single static camera pointed at the presenter - no close-up view of the modular or screencast from the laptop. Still, if you want a general spoken overview of the Expert Sleepers software and hardware, as a change from reading specs or reviews, you could do worse than watch some of this.

Part 1 covers most aspects of the Silent Way software that do not specifically require Expert Sleepers hardware. A MOTU Ultralite audio interface is used to drive the modular for all the demos in this video.

Part 2 moves on to cover the Expert Sleepers hardware.

Little Spacey v1.1.0 (Mac OS X AAX) released

Little Spacey v1.1.0 is now available in AAX format (for Pro Tools 10 & 11, Mac OS X) for the first time.