FH-1 firmware v2.0 now available

Firmware v2.0 for the FH-1 USB MIDI Host module is now available. Base on an all-new USB stack, the new firmware has two key additions - support for USB hubs (so you can connect more than one MIDI device at the same time), and support for USB HID peripherals (e.g. trackballs, gamepads etc.).

Download the new firmware here.

FH-1 firmware v2 coming soon

A major update for the FH-1 module should be hitting beta soon. Watch this space.

Silent Way v2.6.2 released

Silent Way v2.6.2 is released (VST3 only). This fixes a crash when using the VST3 version in Bitwig Studio.

Download now from the downloads page.

Silent Way v2.6.1 released

Silent Way v2.6.1 is released (VST3 (macOS & Windows) and AAX (Windows) only).

Changes in this version:
• Fixed a crash when closing the plug-in UI window on Windows (AAX).
• Fixed a bug with automation of SW Step LFO parameters (VST3).
• VST3 plug-ins now expose the full 16 MIDI channels as expected.

Download now from the downloads page.

FH-1 firmware v1.8 released

Firmware version 1.8 for the FH-1 module is now released. This adds a small number of new features and fixes, but is primarily released for compatibility with High Speed USB devices such as the Electron Digitakt.

Download the new firmware here.