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disting mk4 firmware v4.2 released

Version 4.2 of the disting mk4 firmware is now released. This adds a Wavetable VCO, a MIDI Clock mode, as well as the new algorithms added in the disting mk3's v3.9 mentioned below.

Download the new firmware from here.

disting mk3 firmware v3.9 released

Version 3.9 of the disting mk3 firmware is now released. This adds a number of new algorithms (Audio Recorder, Dual Quantizer, Dual Euclidean Patterns, Dual Delayed Pulse Generator, Dual Sample and Hold) and enhances some existing algorithms with new parameters.

Download the new firmware from here.

Silent Way v2.6.0 released

Silent Way v2.6.0 is released.

Changes in this version:
• A VST3 version (macOS and Windows) is now available.
• Added ‘Delay Start/Stop’ buttons to SW ES-4 Controller & SW ES-5 Controller (a workaround for an apparent issue with Ableton Live’s External Audio Effect).

Download now from the downloads page.

ESX-8CV mk2 released

We're happy to announce the release of an updated version of the ESX-8CV, the ESX-8CV mk2.

Functionally equivalent to the original ESX-8CV, the mk2 adds illuminated jack sockets, has reduced power consumption, and matches the look of the ES-8 and the other recent module updates.

The ESX-8CV mk2 is available immediately at a MSRP of $169/€169.

ESX-8CV mk2, frontESX-8CV mk2