New module: FHX-8GT to be released at Synthfest UK

We're glad to announce the FHX-8GT Gate Expander, an expansion module for the FH-2 'factotum', providing 8 extra clock/gate/trigger outputs.

Expert Sleepers FHX-8GT Expert Sleepers FHX-8GT, front

Up to four FHX-8GTs can be attached to one FH-2. Each FHX-8GT can also be expanded with the ESX-8GT, for a total of 64 outputs.

This is in addition to the seven FHX-1s that can be added to an FH-2 for extra CV outptus.

The FHX-8GT will launch at Synthfest UK (October 6th 2018) and will be available immediately thereafter.

MSRP: UK £75 (inclusive of VAT), US $89 (exclusive of sales tax), EU €72 (exclusive of VAT)