MIDI Implementation

Most of Augustus Loop's controls can be controlled via MIDI.

There is a preference setting in the 'Prefs' dialog that controls whether Augustus Loop responds to MIDI events on all channels, or just on channels 1&2.

In the latter case, the plug-in responds to MIDI controller messages on channel 1 (see table below) and to note on messages (to alter the pitch setting) on channel 2. This can make it more convenient to play a soft-synth and control Augustus Loop from the same keyboard.

Some parameters are controlled by NRPN messages rather than CC messages because they require the extra (14 bit) resolution. NB the 'Delay Slider' has both a CC and NRPN assigned to it.

CC numberParameter controlled
5Master Feedback
12Delay Slider
14Mono-ize Input
15Initial Pan
19Pitch Inertia
20Dry Level
21Effect Level
22Input Level
23L-L Time
24L-R Time
25R-L Time
26R-R Time
27Filter LFO Speed
28Filter LFO Depth
29Pitch LFO Depth
31Host Tempo
34Beat Divisor
70R-L Feedback
71Filter Q
72R-R Feedback
73L-L Feedback
74Filter Cutoff
75L-R Feedback
76Pitch LFO Speed
78Trigger Arm
80Saturation Shape
81Saturation On/Off
85Filter Type
86Freeze Loop
87Tap Length
88Pause Clock
89Tape Reverse
92Tap Record
96Fade In Time
97Fade Out Time
100Clear Loop
101Punch In Quantize
102Punch Out Quantize
103Punch Out Type
104Punch In Set Input Level
105Punch Out Set Input Level
106Auto Clear After Fade
108Fade Override
109Delay Inertia Mode
110Delay Inertia Fade Time
111Digital Mode
NRPN numberParameter controlled
128Delay Slider Min
129Delay Slider Max
130Master Delay Time
131Delay Slider