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Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.4 (AU) released

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.4 (Audio Unit version) is released. This version fixes some minor compatibility issues with recent DAW and OS X versions.

Download now from the downloads page.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.3 (AU) released

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.3 (Audio Unit version) is released. This version adds a preferences option to ignore AudioUnit Reset messages, sent by some DAWs (notably Logic and Live) on transport start/stop, which means that the effect version’s recording buffer doesn’t get wiped when stopping/starting the transport.

Download now from the downloads page.

XFadeLooperCM feature in Computer Music

XFadeLooperCM, the free version of Crossfade Loop Synth exclusive to Computer Music Magazine, is the subject of a multi-page feature in issue 191. The tips and tutorials apply equally well to the full version of Crossfade Loop Synth, so do check it out if you own that plug-in.

The feature also includes a (heavily edited!) interview with your truly. For the record, here’s the full text that I submitted:

- what inspired Crossfade Loop Synth?

Back in 2002, I was transitioning my mostly hardware studio setup to a more software-based one (something I've since mostly reversed - but that's another story). Time-stretching & granular resynthesis was all the rage at the time - things the new-fangled software instruments could do which traditional hardware generally couldn't. As a result, finding a sampler instrument that actually did work like an old hardware unit seemed surprisingly hard.

At the same time, Apple had not long released Mac OS X, and with it Project Builder (which later became Xcode). Previously, software development on Macs involved buying a development environment; now it was available for free. So there was no longer a reason not to dabble.

So, to satisfy my own musical needs, and enabled by the new software ecosystem of OS X, I decided to have a crack at writing a plug-in.

The result, Crossfade Loop Synth 0.1b, was released in December 2002.

- what challenges were involved in its creation?

Despite being a reasonably experienced developer at the time, I'd never before worked on a Mac, so that was all new. Also, for reasons that aren't completely clear in retrospect, I decided to do it as an Audio Unit (buying the whole Apple shebang hook line & sinker, I guess), and the AU SDK was very immature at the time. Fortunately some AU pioneers had put their work up online so I was able to learn from example.

Crossfade Loop Synth v2 (2004) was the second (I think?) plug-in of mine to use my new graphical UI framework, originally created for my additive synthesis instrument Minky Starshine. There was still lots of learning going on at that time.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3 (2007) was the real challenge. Applying analogue VCO concepts like pulse width modulation and hard sync to sampled material was great fun, if your idea of fun involves lots of hard work and head-scratching. And the effect version - being able to record into the sample buffer while playing notes (at any speed, in either/both directions) - was the real head-f***.

- what do you think of other software samplers?

The only one I've ever used much is VSamp ( That's what I use if I want a traditional multi-sample of something vaguely realistic - it comes with a nice free library of orchestral staples. I mean, it's a tiny tiny thing compared to modern multi-GB romplers, but it works well for what I do. Otherwise, I just use Crossfade Loop Synth. Or a Live drum rack I guess would be the only other time I use a sample instrument.

It strikes me that there's very little emphasis on actual sampling in modern instruments. Just on playing samples back.

- do you have a favourite hardware sampler?

Roland S-330. A fantastic bit of kit - I used one for years back in the 90s. Its 'alternating' loop mode was the inspiration for the feature of the same name in Crossfade Loop Synth v2, and really the reason I wanted to create a sampler instrument in the first place. I used that all the time. It really was a unique thing at the time - a 1U rack box but you could plug in a mouse and a monitor, and see your stuff up on a screen. No editing through a tiny LCD window on the box itself. Really revolutionary.

- do you have any tips for readers using the instrument?

Buy the full version! :)

Do try the 'alternating' loop mode, especially on pads.

If you have a volume dip at the loop point, try the different Crossfade Types (Equal Gain/Equal Power).

Go nuts with Hard Sync.

Overall - the sample is just fodder for the instrument to create sound from. Don't just play it back, pure and simple. See what else you can make with it!

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.2 released

Crossfade Loop Synth has been updated to v3.2.2 (Mac AU and VST only). Changes in this version:
- Fixed a crash when attempting to load an unsupported sample file (e.g. mp3).

Download now from the downloads page.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.1 released

Crossfade Loop Synth has been updated to v3.2.1 (Mac AU and VST only). Changes in this version:
- Fixed blank UI in Vienna Ensemble Pro.
- Fixed inaccessibility of the plug-in status bar (for saving presets etc.) in Cubase Mac 32 bit.

Download now from the downloads page.

XFadeLooper CM (free instrument) available now

XFadeLooper CM, a free version of our Crossfade Loop Synth plug-in, is currently available via the cover DVD of Computer Music Magazine Issue 180 (July 2012). Get it while you can!

New demo video for Crossfade Loop Synth

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.0 released

Crossfade Loop Synth has been updated to v3.2.0.

There are two main changes:
- The Mac OS X AU & VST versions now support 64 bit operation.
- The timing of note playback is much improved in the synth versions of the plug-in (now sample accurate).

This version also fixes a minor bug which would cause the plug-in to attempt to load an empty filename when loading a song in Plogue Bidule.

Download now from the downloads page.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.4 released

Crossfade Loop Synth has been updated to v3.1.4.

This release fixes a rare crash that could occur when automating parameters in Cubase, using the 64 bit version of Cubase and the 32 bit plug-in bridge.

Download now from the downloads page.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.3 released

Crossfade Loop Synth has been updated to v3.1.3.

This release fixes a bug in the plug-in’s response to a MIDI All Notes Off message. In Plogue Bidule, this could cause a problem with the drones not reactivating when a plug-in was switched in and out of Bypass mode.

Download now from the downloads page.

Expert Sleepers Summer Sale 2010

Announcing the Expert Sleepers Summer Sale 2010!

From now until the end of August, we’re offering upgrades at half price. So now’s a great time to get your plug-ins updated to the latest and greatest.

The upgrades affected are:
* Augustus Loop v2.x upgrade from v1.0-v1.4: now $15
* Augustus Loop v2.x upgrade from v1.5-v1.8: now $10
* Crossfade Loop Synth v3.x upgrade from v2.x: now $19

When upgrading, be sure to grab the latest Licence Manager from the downloads page.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.2 (Windows) released

The Windows VST version of Crossfade Loop Synth has been updated to v3.1.2. This simply brings it up to date with the Mac OS X releases, already on v3.1.2.

Download now from the downloads page.

All Expert Sleepers plug-ins now Snow Leopard compatible

The following updates are released for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard":

* Augustus Loop v2.1.2
* Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.2
* Little Spacey v1.0.1
* Meringue v2.0.3
* Minky Starshine v1.0.8
* Oomingmak v1.0.1
* Warbler v1.1.1

Note that Silent Way was already compatible with Snow Leopard.

In all cases only the AU & OS X VST versions are updated - the Windows VST versions are unchanged.

Download now from the downloads page.

Crossfade Loop Synth rated 'Excellent' by

Crossfade Loop Synth_award
Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1 has been awarded the "EXCELLENT" software certificate by

Crossfade Loop Synth's page on that site is here.

So that's nice.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.1 (Windows VST) released

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.1 is a minor bugfix release, which addresses an issue in the Windows VST version that would prevent certain WAV files from loading successfully.

Crossfade Loop Synth price reduction during February

For the rest of February 2009, Crossfade Loop Synth new licences and upgrades have had their prices slashed.

The new prices are:
• Crossfade Loop Synth v2: $1 (was $10)
• Crossfade Loop Synth v3: $29 (was $49)
• Crossfade Loop Synth v3 upgrade from v2: $28 (was $39)

Yes, you read that right, v2 is just one dollar for this month only.

The discounted v2 can be upgraded to v3 at a later date, even after this promotion ends.

To take advantage of these special prices use these coupon codes at the checkout:
• Crossfade Loop Synth v2: CPN0486169200
• Crossfade Loop Synth v3: CPN5755231079
• Crossfade Loop Synth v3 upgrade from v2: CPN1024358798

Coupon can be used once only per customer. Offer ends 1st March 2009. Please note that while Crossfade Loop Synth v3 is available on Mac and Windows, v2 is a Mac only product.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.0 released

Crossfade Loop Synth and Crossfade Loop Synth Effect have been updated to v3.1.0 (AU, Mac & Windows VST). The changes in this version are:
• Added next/previous sample buttons, for quickly auditioning multiple samples in a folder on disk.
• Added OSC control.
• Added MIDI/OSC scripting.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.0.5 released - Windows VST

The Windows version of Crossfade Loop Synth is now released. Go get it from the downloads page.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.0.5 beta released - Windows VST

The first beta Windows version of Crossfade Loop Synth is now available - v3.0.5 beta.

You can download it here, and the manual is here.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.0.4 and v2.1.6 released (VST only)

The VST version of Crossfade Loop Synth has been updated to v3.0.4. The older v2 Crossfade Loop Synth has been updated to v2.1.6.

This version fixes a crash that could occur when loading a preset file in the host app with the Crossfade Loop Synth GUI hidden, as reported in this thread.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.0.1 released

v3.0.1 fixes two bugs in v3.0.0 - the first related to use of very small host buffer sizes, and the second causing a failure in MOTU's AU Examiner (resulting in the plugin being unusable in Digital Performer).

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.0.2 released

v3.0.2 now responds properly to AudioUnitReset(), so in e.g. Logic the delay buffer will be cleared when song playback is started etc. (AU version only updated.)

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.0.3 released

v3.0.3 fixes a potential crash when using very small buffer sizes.